I go to an all-girls school, I’m pretty shy and am not yet old enough for the Disco, etc. there Is, perhaps, because of where you live in any of the meeting points for many young people to meet where ever. If Yes, then go there with a few friends. (: if not then you could appeal to, for example, in the outdoor swimming pool or a lake maybe a couple of guys together with a friend. if you don’t know what you’re supposed to say, then take a friend with that is not shy so can help you out then. (so the shyness is, unfortunately, quite bad. Start slow, smile at a stranger boy on the street. Then you ask at the Bus time after time, and so on. Cool but the interior is a sports club or so on, the important thing is that there are not only girls. As I said, Practice is everything, eventually it goes by itself, even if you have to overcome. Naughty and open is half the battle.) Good luck to swimming pool, clubs, sports, scene, clubs, Bars, with Friends from other schools what to do and say to bring male friends and. Hey, I’m now changing to a girls school. The Problem: I would like to have a friend or just buddy. But as I imagine it is best to. I’m pretty shy and Disco I not so. so, looking forward to serious answers, I am female and years old. Would like to have a friend or just have a good Buddy. But I know of simply no. How Where you can learn guys.

Childish Guys. And otherwise, you know Yes no one, because no one speaks to you. How to learn here guys. D: Hey, I’m and would like to learn about cute guys know, because I have only had bad experiences. I can’t even learn it in the Disco but still like to know someone. I am also very shy and can call, therefore, not a boy. You can perhaps give tips. Thank you for every Rattle I’ll be gone for like, but would like to learn to be women. You can go to tips on where to apart from the Disco good woman. I am considering to switch to a girls ‘school and a girls’ boarding school. In the network there is not so much the info: (however, I have read that girls can learn without boys better. Do you know if that’s true. Maybe you know someone or your self go to a girls school. Would be glad about an answer) I am w and I have a little problem. I attend a girls school, so have for years, no real contact with guys. It’s part of it but also kind of tinder puberty, to learn the other gender to know or. With I can go then Yes, at least with my Girlfriends to celebrate and since boys get to know, but is there any other way. Hi, I don’t have many good friends and only two of them are boys. I would like to meet new people and maybe make new friends, but I live in a small village and everyone here knows as well as anyone, actually. You can Swim here in the Hey, or to the climbing forest ride or something, but I don’t how I’m supposed to then people would know really, because I’m pretty shy. you can help me maybe. I live in a small village with poor Connections and here you learn a hardly guys know you have an idea of how I can learn best of the guys. I would love to have a couple of guys as a buddy. It is enough for me. I want it, because I actually have no male mate although I have nothing against you. A lot of girls from my class know Felt people and of the are at least male. My question is where can you learn guys in the n Hey to know although it is very shy and without for video chat or something to register. Hello, I would like to know how and where you can learn about cute boys, and what boys girls like) Thanks in advance Lenaus I had collected in the last time quite a lot of bad experiences with relationships. I would, therefore, developed just a couple of guys to get to know you a good and deep friendship f can be heard without that in a relationship. The Problem is that I go to an all-girls school and, therefore, not so much contact with boys at my age, I am. If I found a boy you could help me with what I realize that he wants even a friendship from me and not a relationship. Is there somehow a couple of characteristic traits, in favour of it. I would appreciate your answers thank you Hello, I’m lately more and more often in the evening to a Disco to continue with my Girlfriends. My Friends sometimes have something to do with boys, but I don’t. However, I would like to know what. But I have no idea how to behave and what to say. After I’m a rather quiet and reserved Person, I think of that particularly difficult. You would have maybe a few tips or ideas for me. Thank you I go to an all-girls school and I just be friends no contact with guys or am with guys (How can I learn what to know Where or how you can learn to the best people. Nice guys with whom you seriously can entertain and so on. Hello. I go to an all-girls school, and I wanted to ask where the Revenge comes in that all of the girls school are lesbians. I mean, if you’re a lesbian, you guys still suffering friends with them. The hei t, but not that you have to go to a girls school. And it hei t also not that none of that goes to a Not-all-girls school, is a lesbian. Where does avenged this school for girls school full of lesbians. How can you, dancing in the Disco at best a woman meet just once or a drink to spend. Hello. I go to a girls school and have, therefore, a majority of female contacts. I know a couple of guys from the See, the know who I am, but that is not very many and I was chewing I had a friendship with a couple. How can I meet guys and build a friendship. Am rather shy, and I fear that it gets so r as to whether I what of don’t want to. Am