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Ten years ago, my plans for the next China included teaching for a year or twoMaybe even three, before I returned to the US at the beginning of my teaching career. Dating wasn't part of my plan, so when it happened, I was completely unprepared. Looking back, I would like to know what I'm doing on my own, or at least give some advice on how to deal with the Chinese Dating culture. Since my experience was only from my husband, I got additional information from two American bloggers living in China: Jocelyn Eilenberg writes Apropos China, and Joe Kelly-Bye writes Life Behind the Wall. They both talk about their relationships with Chinese nurses.

Chinese boys, under pressure from their parents and from a different culture, meet up, date to the end, and have a big date to get married.

So much so that my husband didn't ask me until today, that he asked me be with him for the rest of his life.

Compared to most of their Western counterparts, the Chinese start thinking about marriage much earlier.

So when you find a Chinese person, make sure that you know what they both want from the relationship so that you can manage their expectations. I've heard stories from used sources about Chinese women who want to date you to improve their English or get a green card. All the Chinese women who married Western men I know returned to their homeland soon after the wedding. But this does not mean that every Chinese woman is looking for a ticket from China. On the contrary, although Chinese guys date Western women, they tend to stay in China. This is partly due to their obligation to take care of their parents and elderly grandparents.

It is also easier for You to continue your career here, especially when you are older and already in Your career.

As a free service although my husband and I only speak English, I know several couples who speak Chinese because their boyfriend or husband doesn't say a word about it. In my experience, at least contrary to some stereotypes, attending free English lessons does not seem like a big problem when it comes to finding a Western partner. Given that children's piety is taught in school from the first grade, I have found that Chinese adults who are your parents word are very serious.

Now Jocelyn s, his father-in-law has told his son that he can be friends with a Western woman, but to this day she is not yours.

It must have been a great disappointment for him, but fortunately, love was won. My husband is a parent who always tells us what to do, not how to do it, how to do it so well, and how to raise our children. You probably know your boyfriend while you are both in the same city with most couples, but a large number are Chinese couples live and work in different cities. My daughter-in-law and her husband were always Dating and for the first four years of marriage they lived in different cities and countries because of their work. At least half of the children I teach see their father only once a year because of this."So it is"is the answer of most people.

Being able to earn more money is often more profitable than staying at home.

I didn't know how often it happens when we're not home, and I was lucky enough to find a guy who likes to stay close to home. Twice he gave the opportunity to go to Inner Mongolia, and three times he refused with an income. In a post on his blog,"Talking about China,"Jocelyn recalls the story of a Chinese taxi driver who told him that in a previous relationship, he could not meet the needs of foreign women. Another uncertainty is money. The Chinese tend to think that Americans are rich and can't, in our opinion, pay them the lowest wages. Compared to how my husband grew up in China after the cultural revolution, the modest house I grew up in is a mansion.

This is all to get information about Dating Chinese guys

He always paid by date, but when he had the opportunity to publish his research in certain journals and couldn't pay the fee, he was very reluctant to take my money. Jocelyn says the guys who dated you didn't comment on your intentions. They are slow and spend a lot of time texting and talking, showing interest in you. Physical intimacy comes in relatively slowly that the boys are getting serious. My husband and I never held hands until the fifth or sixth date, and the first kiss was a few dates later. Although the Hollywood portrait of American women is interpreted by the Chinese as meaning that we are all"open"(meaning that we have a list of past relationships that pay in double digits or open up one night), boys want relationships with them, respect their limits, as long as they are clear and honest with them. One of the first things I noticed about the youngest guys in the world Well, that's what they almost always have in their girlfriend's wallet. It's a little weird to get used to seeing so many guys with designer bags on their hands, but they seem to like it. When I asked my husband about you, he said that he had never noticed from my observations, this happens to children from year to year, and it is not the same as holding their hands after the couple has a child. I never asked my husband to carry my bag, but I appreciate that he still holds my hand even after two children. This article won't prepare you one hundred percent for the Chinese Dating scene, but these are some things I knew about when I started Dating my husband. There was something unexpected that I didn't know about in this article.

Have you had any Dating experience with a Chinese guy? Share your experience with us in the comments section.

CHARLOTTE EDWARDS-ZHANG came to China to teach English to high school students in a small town. Years later, she is a community, or a foreigner. She works in the freelance teaching market and knows the art of Chinese cuisine, and also possibly travels around China. Enter the tonal numbers after each Pinyin syllable, and then click the conversion button to change them to change tonal signs.

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