Now available for free download a variety of Dating apps that allow you to find a mate without leaving your home. Some applications can be used for communication, others are designed for a quick goodbye, and with the help of which you can move on to intimate relations.

We have collected the most popular Dating apps on Android. Any of them can be downloaded in a digital store Google Play.


A popular program on Android for Dating with women in France and the COUNTRY. To work with it you need to register an account in the app or sign up through Facebook account. You need to fill out a profile, add photos and contacts, and you can start looking for your soulmate. Among the main functions of Dating apps are the following:

Sending emails with photos

Communication in text and video chat

The ability to make calls to mobile numbers

The creators of the app ensure only validated and accredited for 100% of accounts and protection from scams.


The possibility of Dating apps on Android are not limited to one chat. For full communication, the user can use voice chat, and also write a message in the „live“ members-application in the city. Fans of Dating on the Network using the app can see who is next, leave them a note and make an appointment. In the application profile, you can specify the mood of what I think and what I would like to do. You can quickly find a companion with the same interests or the nature and, perhaps, to create a reliable romantic relationship.


Not to mention the program „online Video experience“. It is a mobile social network for Dating and meeting with the same interests, created for Android by developers of the thematic website of the „Dating interests“. The application is designed for those who are not used to spend a lot of time at home, but appreciates the outing and a romantic date. Users can communicate interest and make appointments, choosing a exciting recreation on the poster of events.

In the application database contains full information about city parks, public gardens, museums, pedestrian streets, beaches, rental, sports facilities, indicating the promotions and discounts. Here you can choose an entertainment event, like festival and concert. As the first date, you can even choose a dance Studio or yoga centre – the main thing to note in the profile or chatting about shared interests. Prior to any meeting place you can build a convenient route on a map.


One of the best and popular is the „Site communication and Dating.“ The main focus of the program makes the search for interlocutors and partners with the same interests. In the search you can specify several criteria:




Purpose of meeting

If the user is in a relationship

Type: height, weight, education, body type, zodiac sign, languages

Bad habits and sexual preferences

The user can mark people as favorites, and undesirable, respectively, to send the sheet neglect. Some interlocutors can write only by purchasing the VIP status. Also, the application could indicate users to whom to write is useless: in such piling up of unread messages, and hence, it is likely that they stopped using the program. On the other hand, the application informs about new users that are waiting to be explored.


The app is a complete mobile social network. After the user has received access to the app via a Facebook account or Friendster, you can see who of those wishing to meet is currently close by. Every user notes in your profile your interests, purpose of communication and status.

The selected profile can be shared on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. Here you can see the rating how many people Like this user. The best profiles are collected in a separate section „Become known“. A service fee – minimum payment is $ 100. One of the useful functions of the app are alert of who wants to communicate. All communication history is stored in the „Events“section.

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One of the most popular apps for Dating on Android. After activating the program, you need to spend few minutes to fill out your profile. Then you can start to search for the second half, putting certain parameters: age, height, weight, relationship goals, and location. You can select a partner for regular companionship, for serious relations or for creation of family.

On assurances of the developer app, every day, it is used by almost 1.3 million people who make about 50 million views. The designers did a good job on the interface, which was simple and intuitive. On the main ribbon contains photos of users by specifying gender and age. Within each image there is a detailed profile.


Popular social network for Dating, on the official website which is every day recorded more than 22,000 people. With the app, users can find friends with the same interests, exchange messages, meet a new love in your city. Partners in communication can exchange photos, news, and interesting events. The application provides a notification system for new messages, users who want to explore or those who have shown obvious sympathy.


Cocoa app-messenger, which you can use to send text messages, photos, videos, voice recordings and location data. Among the major features of the app include:

Fast messaging

Free sharing multimedia files

Voice chats, one-on-one or group voice calls (1:1 or group) or a large set of labels and achievements.

Promotions and coupons from partners of the application

Support Android.


Feature of the app is that you can chat here only if the user mutually put each other on „like“. Management here is simple: to put a „like“, you need to swipe to the right and to move to the next profile you need to swipe to the left. When a pair is established, you can chat in the text chat, to exchange news and to date. The application has a few special modes:

„Explore nearby“ „Social games“ — the organization of meetings in a group chat.

„Passport“ — to communicate with people around the world

„Fast“ allows you to give the chance to another user to prove themselves

„Explosion“ is triggered once a week, displays a profile of the leaders of the top for 30 minutes.


The Dating app, according to the principle of action, resembles the service of Chat roulette and designed for absolute privacy of communication. The chat participants are divided into pairs, one boy and one girl. The system randomly selects partners, however, their correspondence did not see anybody but them. Message history is not saved. After one of the participants leaves the chat conversation, correspondence is deleted. The app even blocks the opportunity to make a screenshot and save pictures, video and audio chat in phone memory, instantly deleting them.Chat user is not tied to a mobile number, the app does not require registration.

I hope that the review in which we considered the best Dating apps will help you find not only a new boyfriend or girlfriend, but also to establish strong, long and romantic relationship.