Best Dating sites the application has collected the best Dating websites.

It is a handy replacement for browsing in the browser:

Quick access Dating sites.

Built-in list of popular sites.

Add your Dating sites.

It is very convenient.

Sites always at hand

You can check out profiles, chat, find new friends, meet a man and a woman.

Functional features:

Add your Dating sites

To add your Dating site, you need to enter the address into the upload form.

My window.

Create a list of frequently used sites in the»My showcase».

If you use some Dating website, you can add it to the»My showcase».

So it will be available when the application starts

It is very convenient.

Create bookmarks on any questionnaire.

Mobility and convenience

If the Dating site has a mobile version, the app will display it in the first place.

You can also include the full version of the site.

Weak Internet.

Disable the display of images and animations

So for example, you can check the message on the Dating site on the way home