Different target sites.

Each of these two directions of communication, created for quite some time. But they do not just «siblings», they don’t even «relatives» at all. With whom we usually communicate in social media? That’s right – with family, friends, classmates, fellow students, work colleagues and even neighbors. Grandly and nobly, exposing on display the only acceptable norms of behavior. Family photos with landscapes of sea breezes and mountain tops, children’s matinees, school holidays, work holidays (or rather only decent part of it).Culturally telling pals about your success in school or work, about health of relatives and from them expect the same. We know all these people. No matter good or not, but we know. While with people on a Dating site, never met before. Here you can show yourself with more. To put more photos, afford more open communication, do not hesitate to tell about yourself what you think is right. Why? Because modesty is a virtue only in real life and in virtual – courage – the key to success.Remember, in the words of legendary Soviet actor: «I see the goal, I do not see obstacles». Here and there: no one will condemn all know why you came.

Time is spent?

According to open sources, it appears that social network users spend on the pages of the site in just 19 minutes. Classmates – 18 minutes, and Facebook is less than 17 minutes. And all this time, the lion’s share is listening to music, watching videos, or online games. Communication is minimized, but ways to entertain myself – weight. This is great, you need to indulge, but time to socialize with other people, after all the entertainment, do not remain.Yes, to chat with friends, you can still manage, but on an interesting conversation with a stranger – certainly not enough. And don’t forget that strangers go to social networks, mostly for the same, so find time for you and it will be difficult. So, most likely, you simply will not notice.

What happens on Dating sites? You wonder why there’s no video or audio entertainment, and games here, too? Professional Dating sites not specifically provide such opportunities, because they distract people from the main goal of communication and familiarity with each other. On a Dating site people come to chat. They evaluate and comment on photos, send each other sympathy. And this is what you really need for effective Dating. Video and online games will not help you to meet the man.It is much more interesting «live» communication, which is why most of the website visitors are always online. Of course this statement cannot be applied to all Dating sites – we are talking only about the audiences really high-quality sites, where people created a really comfortable environment for Dating. This website is certainly «Sex Dating». According to our statistics, on average, each user visits a site 4 times a day, and the average length of stay on site is 23 minutes.You do not need to be an academic, to calculate the daily time allotted to each user for communication – about one and a half hours. As you can see this figure is much higher than in social networks and no one is distracted by entertainment like video views, or online games. And spends, only direct communication. Simple, efficient, good use. And as the proverb says – want to meet a man – to communicate.

The difference in manner of communication.

What do you think, what kind of reaction would a stranger from the social network, which you offer your communication? Here are a few options:

Option one: he’ll think you’re a robot spam and block;

Option two: decide that you are a little crazy, because the familiarity of his plans did not;

Option three: in a rough form, they understand that communication with you he’s not interested.

Amazing? Not at all! Everything should have its place. That’s social networking. They have strongly occupied the niche and your intervention is completely inappropriate. The person you are trying to get acquainted may be the long-married (or married), happy, it is absolutely happy with everything in this life, and your compulsive behavior can be regarded as bad manners. In this case, you did nothing wrong, just went to the wrong address.

Another thing – Dating site. The people here are open for communication (they came here), they are eager for new acquaintances. They like the attention, your courage and perseverance will be appreciated. Even if you write something, you first hesitate, then we are to send sympathy, then nobody forbids. That’s half the battle, so you can assume that a new acquaintance you already «in the pocket». «Here and now» — here the main motto of online Dating site. And comfortable, the moderators have already created. So I will not have to wait, be sure you just pay attention.

Validation and adaptation of site profiles.

What will be your reaction if the picture colleagues, suddenly appear fabulous monster or Angelina Jolie? Probably neutral. Well put and well. Social networking sites administration does not check the authenticity of the uploaded photos, so the character of any popular cartoon, and can easily decorate user page. And when talking about «old» friends, we are absolutely embarrassing. But, are you ready to meet the man, if, instead of his face, looks at you, well, for example, Donald Duck? Probably unlikely.

That is why reputable Dating sites have in its staff a large number of specially trained people who are ready round the clock to check the uniqueness of all users add photos. On a Dating site you will not see the picture of a kitten or Brad pitt. There are only real photos of real people. Agree, it is very important to see real pictures of the person with whom you communicate and learn. And all the others, for example belonging to another person, the moderators will keep track and not miss a publication.

Now about the content of the questionnaires. What information can be gleaned from profiles in social networks? Age, place of residence, education, and perhaps place of work. And there’s nothing you need because the website implies that all present do you know in real life and tell about his habits or character to anything. Met in the evening over a Cup of tea (though not often), but you fully and so rate, has for him a higher education.

But enough of this information to experience a new person, especially if it is assumed that a simple correspondence all over? Of course not. Here are all the little things and nuances: zodiac sign, traits, habits, food preferences, finally, the purpose of Dating. Because of such trifles and develops the first impression about the person. Each of us, deciding to register on the Dating site, I have already drawn an image, a future life partner and understands exactly what nuances he’s willing to put up with, and which will not allow ever again.

Now suppose that the social network, someone has pointed out this information. How to find such a person? No way! Browse millions of profiles – it is unreal. Another thing a Dating site – here are the parameters originally laid out in the search. And wanting to learn, for example, with girls 25 years and born under the sign of Libra, and only wishing to create a family in the city of Pskov, half a minute later you will receive a list of contenders for your heart. Convenient, logical, fast.The administration of the Dating website that understands what you’re here for, and therefore creates the maximum favorable conditions.

Specialized services.

What tools to use to attract attention to yourself, you use social networks? Put your picture and wait till it will be appreciated by your friends, and then, perhaps in the news feed it will be noticed by someone they know, and also some comment. And that’s all you can count on. Of course, if the purpose of your stay on the site, only for your personal entertainment, then that is enough. But to discover – nothing.Another thing a Dating site – it has developed professional tools that in a single moment will attract attention to your person of hundreds, and even thousands potentially interested in. Moreover, all services are very easy to use, and their efficiency exceeds all expectations.

Social network and Dating site perfectly cope with the task. Only problem they are totally different. If you want to chat with your friends from life, better social networking, you no one will help. But, if you aim to find new or to find the love of your life, a Dating site like no for you – «best friend»! Good luck, in the choice of priorities and finding a spouse.