On the web chat, you will meet and will communicate with strangers who live not far from you and use the web camera.

This web chat is a video chat that connects you with a complete stranger for your communion with him.

To start the dialogue with a partner, just hit the blue button»start»

After that you will be able to chat with a random interlocutor. Each time you press the»Skip»button on your screen appears the unknown person with whom you can start to communicate. When you enter the chat, you hope to meet interesting people and socialize with them. And here on the web chat begins the most interesting: since people use a webcam, you can judge what you see in a moment. If you don’t like the person you met, just press»Skip»again and you have to communicate with other stranger. Here is another list of interesting features: a special algorithm connects you with people, who live closer to you. The site also has a small games one by one that will help to start the communication. First, it is also moderated, and because of this, the community here is more cold. Because the people you meet can be cool, awesome, weird, boring, crazy, socially inappropriate guys and girls, bold boys and girls or a whole range of other things, you will get a lot of different experience. A visit to the web chat will never be the same, it will be irregular and will be based on your good luck at some point. Below are the reasons why this kind of chat is called chat with stranger, chat one-on-one or random video chat. If you want to get more experience on the web chat and socialize with interesting people, we encourage you to be fun and different, for example, wearing a mask or costume to create for the people music or play games with them, or come up with funny statuses.

It is moderated constantly by more than forty people

If you do not follow the rules, which provide for communication only in clothing, you will be punished for twenty days