In videochat you have the ability to communicate with users from other countries. It’s a great practice for those who are trying to learn vocabulary and phonetics. The more that you can pick up a companion, of a suitable age and with similar interests. And besides language training, you can get pleasure from simple communication with friends.

Format Video chat allows you to organize private conversations one-on-one, or connect several people to one conversation and to arrange a video conference. A variety of additional services and functions will be available with an elite account.

Still look at the pictures and write messages?

But with real people more fun! Right now, join in the motley crowd with Video chat from around the world. Connect to the chat alone or with friends. Turn the camera and show yourself! And can do without it: just imagine, because the others can’t see you. Look at what they’re doing in the videochat Video chat!

More possibilities with a camera and a microphone

Have any talent? So take your time to tell about it! Rather get the camera and make your own video show, a surprise to earn points, prizes, and evaluate other members. Become a star of the Internet, it’s so easy with a mobile app Video chat.

Combine live chat and exciting Live adventure!

Traveling to different sections of the video social networks and viewing interesting video broadcast, you can collect gifts and make achievements. Assess the talents of other members and show your. Earn popularity and number of subscribers. But if someone you didn’t like — kill him using the «super powers»!