United States of America and Turkey: Trump keeps Erdogan for the right man who IS in Syria 'exterminate' policy - daily mirror

The President of Trump and Erdogan agree

The US and Turkey want to avoid a power vacuum after the withdrawal of U.S

troops from Syria.

guaranteed to defeat the terrorist militia Islamic state (IS) in Syria completely. Erdogan had informed him that he will exterminate what remained of ISIS in Syria left, wrote Trump in Monday night on Twitter. Erdogan is a man who can' in addition to the Turkey border to Syria.

The surprising announcement of the U.S

'Our soldiers return home. 'affirmed Trump. The two presidents had exchanged previously in a telephone conversation about plans for a full U.S. troop withdrawal from Syria. Trump keeps the also as ISIS referred to IS for largely defeated' and wants to pull the US soldiers out of Syria. on troop withdrawal last Wednesday is not encountered only in the case of the USA's allies in the fight against IS a lack of understanding. Also in the USA, many consider the withdrawal to be premature. Just a day after trump's announcement, U.S. Secretary of defense announced on Sunday in a telephone conversation, a co-ordination between the military, diplomats and other government representatives of their countries, in order to prevent a power vacuum'. A few hours earlier, Trump had written on Twitter that he had led with Erdogan 'a long and productive phone call' and 'the slow and highly coordinated withdrawal of U.S.

troops from Syria discussed.

Erdogan, wrote on Twitter that the two of you have agreed on a stronger coordination of their countries 'many issues, including trade relations and the developments in Syria'.

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