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Girl years of a Queen is an Austrian Film of the year by Ernst matryoshkaIn this Film, a remake of matryoshkas of the same name, staging out of the year, after the Comedy of Silvia out of the year, represents Romy Schneider, the young Queen Victoria. The Film shows how the still-to-be parents Child of the Queen of great Britain is, and how she falls in love with her Cousin Albert, she eventually married, as your consultant for you. The premieres were on.

December in Cologne and on.

December in Vienna.

Thus, he follows the invitation of Victoria

The character of Victoria is portrayed as a very playful and charming, she embodies an inquisitive, curious and intelligent girl, but also the vulnerable young woman who learns very late that they should one day be Queen of great Britain. Nevertheless, you want to master your thing right, what she also. As it is proposed, that she should marry, she wants to ride with a horse-drawn carriage to Paris, where"objects of comparison". It starts to rain in the port city of Dover, however, violently to, and therefore the Queen, with her Butler and her Confidants at a restaurant Rast, where coincidentally, Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg. The two get to know each other and don't know who they are in reality.

Victoria must choose the next Morning back to London to be part of your birthday celebration for a husband.

Albert, who did not want to actually participate in the Festival, is persuaded by his Advisor. Completely surprised, he sees that the Queen is the girl with whom he last night about the new Regent, had scoffed. It is, however, not surprising, as the two finally give the Yes-word. Seriously matryoshka had planned for the Remake of his film from the original Sonja Ziemann in the title role. At a dinner in Munich's Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten was presented to him by Magda Schneider daughter Romy, and matryoshka decided to give the role of the young Queen. Peter Weck was also one of the unsuccessful marriage of the candidate to one of his first film appearances. Was shot in the Atelier Sievering, the external shots in Vienna and the surrounding area. The film rental was made by the Herzog-Film GmbH, the UFA-filmverleih GmbH. The distribution of an English dub version in the US, Walt Disney took over the company Buena Vista rental. The Film can be regarded as a kind of precursor of the Sissi-movies with the same actress in a similar role and the same Director in the same construction: a film biography of a ruler, romance and costume drama.

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