To meet a girl on the street much easier than it seems a lot of guys.

First, every day on the street you meet plenty of pretty girls and can choose the one that you really like.

And secondly, we must remember that the lonely girl does not like attention from hot guys, so just waiting for those offered.

If you want to meet a girl on the street, remember the basic rules:

Approach it resolutely and with a smile on her face, and not with a view of going to the criminal penalty.

It is important during a conversation to make eye contact and hold it – this will help to obtain consent and show the girl that you are not a coward and not a pushover.

To start a conversation with a girl on the street with greetings and performances, and then move to the request for the phone number or the invitation for a date.

Follow the cues you girl, so you can see whether effective your acquaintance or not.

Compliment and funny (but not vulgar!) the joke will add you in the eyes ladies a few points.

A few caveats for those who want to meet a girl on the street:

Not necessary to stick to the lady that walks with a young man she liked very much.

If you are refused, and by far, it is not necessary to insist on the cheek nothing can be achieved.

Less arrogance, aggressiveness, „antics“ and narcissism – we do not tolerate.

How to meet a girl online? Not so difficult…

Shy young people now have the chance to meet a girl on the Internet.

It makes it easier, since you liked the lady will not see your embarrassment, and you will be able to think before something to write to her.

To meet a girl on the Internet:

on special Dating sites;

in social networks (for example);

urban forums;

on the forums of interest, etc.

How to meet a girl in Facebook?

After studying her profile and offering her virtual friendship.

If she agrees, then „like“ her photos and write compliments under her photos.

If she responds to compliments, comments with a degree of coquetry and demonstrates that they are nice, you can go to communicate in personal correspondence.

Your correspondence is both interesting and gaining momentum?

It’s time to ask a girl on a first date.

Enlisting in the same group as she, in the VC.

After studying the page of your liking, you’ll see what groups she subscribed to.

Look at what group she is very active (comments, something places) the most and join.

Then the script is this: to demonstrate the unity of the flavors with her, support her in disputes with other members – speak compliments – go to communication in personal correspondence – invite on a date, if you feel mutual sympathy.

Convinced that it is not so difficult to figure out how to meet a girl?

Visual appeal, education, confidence and a set of positive qualities will help you to find a key to the feminine heart.