For most prisoners the post-Soviet space today, the Internet is very difficult. Those who have access — doing this usually „secretly“ using mobile phones and smartphones classified as „prohibited“. Likely, the legal framework will eventually become more tolerant to the ability of prisoners to communicate and visit the Internet. I think that it is necessary from the point of view of preservation of normal level of socialization, a subsequent return to normal life. It was necessary also to reduce the suffering of the relatives of prisoners.

But while this is so prisoners whom more than a million among the Russian-speaking population, legal access to the Internet do not have.

However, the site is made. It is unlikely that we will get a large audience here, but even if it would be helpful for one person, will help him to find a loved one and to return to a normal life, so the work was not done in vain.

For those who do not have Internet access, will be provided with addresses for letters and forms will be published on the website for free.

The website is a service of the Dating in the first place for detainees and prisoners, although we do not intend to limit any other category. Prisoners have always been deprived of communication. The reason is not only technical difficulties, the problem is in the attitude of society to prisoners. introduction to the prisoner — the only straw that he clings to in the hope not to lose yourself during the years of isolation.