Remember the Golden rule – in no event it is impossible to tighten correspondence. Dating sites is not a place for constant communication, like social networking or Facebook. This is the place where you’ll meet, to take the phone number and meet a girl in person. Kilometer tape messages to each other and he doesn’t need. And if a girl doesn’t want to give your room or pull with it – it’s better not to continue the conversation with a girl online. And perhaps she is not who she claims to be. And about the one who writes with her page — you don’t know.

Is it permissible to lie in the correspondence? Acceptable, but within reason. Better about himself too much not to write, then not have anything to remember. And in General, suddenly you have something more than disposable sex is your «safety net» will play against you.

A minimum of whining, be more positive. he didn’t want to listen to your suffering after a breakup with the last girlfriend. Ingredients for successful Dating: some compliments, some humor, some common interests and your dish is ready — you can invite on a first date.

Carefully think through everything that you write, because the Internet is difficult to convey emotions and show their inner confidence. And don’t think that function will help you do that.

Communication be polite. About sex just better not to speak, otherwise it will cause negativity. But the conversations are «on the verge» is available, for example, to raise the issue of the relationship without having sex. You Express my purely male opinion and force her to accept their point of view. But since no adequate stranger won’t tell you in the forehead that welcomes relationship without sex (because she is still hoping to find a husband) – it will be a direct step to the beginning of closer communication. Oh and by the way – write competently. Good girls do not like stupid boys.

Don’t forget to visit the site daily to check my messages and promptly reply to them. Or the girl you merge after two unread messages and switch to another candidate.

On many Dating sites you can see when the person was online last time. If the girl has not been on the website more than two weeks – it is not recommended to write. Certainly it does not appear on this website. And you’re just wasting your time.

So, adhering to these simple rules and recommendations, you are guaranteed familiarity with the favorable outcome of events. Safely use, do not forget to be confident and natural!