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Dutton finds his heart and decides not to sell the houses

The rich landowners Haywood Dutton wants to sell a row of houses, in the prevailing poor livingIn order to drive the re-sale value, should the buyer with the help of a corrupt police officer behind Duttons, the houses, the back rooms prior to the statutory notice period. Ironically, on Christmas eve, a whole series of families on the street.

Duttons son Joe, a socially engaged newspaper makers, the broke years ago with his father after a dispute, wants to protest against the eviction in an editorial.

However, before the newspaper can go to press, he will be thrown out because of alleged disturbance of the peace to prison. The little match seller Molly agreed, Joe's mother, Frances, who freed her son by a Deposit from the prison. In the meantime, has gathered the amount of homeless in front of Duttons house to Protest against the eviction. As a Drunken weapon attacks, can Molly prevent with your matches miraculously a commotion and Dutton, the quarrel with his son Joe to settle.

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