Your profile is visited, but you get a bit of Dating? You may want to use our advice and to perform your main photo?

We offer you tips that will help you to choose the most suitable photo.

1. Choose a photograph of just you.

You have a great photo where you look very well, and it is depicted surrounded by other people? You want to show what is important to you and add a photo of the family? We do not recommend to use group pictures for the main profile photo. After all, when searching for a loved one we are talking only about you, not about friends or family. When the frame is located the other person, they will distract themselves.

Perhaps you have a photo where you are sealed in an extraordinary situation. You are surfing in the Caribbean, ride a horse or make their first parachute jump. Even if this photo is very attractive, you still need to make your choice in favor of the portrait. Photo hobby be sure to add, just don’t make the main. Thanks to the main photo, a visitor to your profile gets the first impression about you. He wants to see your face, your eyes, facial expressions.Those who are interested in your main photo, you will be able to learn about you and your interests more, looking to you photo album.

You can additionally keep your profile up to 23 pictures that can reflect your comprehensive interest.

2. Be open

You want to encourage others to action? Select a photo where you look directly into the camera. Smile! Because it is softer and more attractive than a straight face. Avoid photos with accessories such as sunglasses, hats, etc., — they create the impression that you want to hide your face.

Select the photo on which you can easily find out where you look at the camera in a relaxed way, smiling. This photo creates a feeling of openness and makes a positive impression.

3. Do not create a false impression with your photo

Despite the temptation to embellish ourselves a little and choose a picture of you ten years younger, more muscular or slim, don’t give in to this temptation.

Because for you it is important that the user with which you started the communication, in real life would be as appealing as your profile. If the photo does not correspond to the real image, the first meeting will lead to disappointment, and no amount of charm and charisma will not save.

4. If you can’t find the right photo, make it

You don’t have a relevant photo, which only you and look at the camera, smiling? Or at least any that you liked? Then it’s only a matter of time. Give yourself time, you deserve it!

Ask your friend or family member to photograph you in some not very colorful background. Better if the background is bright, but avoid to take pictures against the light, against the background of a window or doorway to a lighted room that the person didn’t look too gray. Or contact a professional photographer. Your efforts will be justified as an attractive photo will increase the chance to meet those whom you so expect.

5. What pictures alienate users of online Dating?

Psychologists Dating online decided to find out what data is really important when Dating online and that could deter potential candidates from the start of communication. For this purpose a survey was conducted among users of the resource.