But who, for example, this man who does not have in his pocket even extra $ 200 on the monthly subscription for the website serious Dating, let’s say, „Dating chatting“? For the month, using the full set of features, we can thoroughly check out this site far and wide, to meet many girls. But if life is such that even two hundred dollars are able to make a significant hole in your personal budget, what for to search serious Dating, even on the free sites?Because familiarity leads to a real meeting, and therefore need some money for entertainment expenses: cinemas, cafes, McDonald’s, at worst. Or the expectation that all costs a girl will take over, and the man will demonstrate a serious attitude to it?

Even more amazing women looking for free serious Dating. Thinking about a serious relationship, women tend to expect to meet a man — a support in life, which was like a stone wall. Let not the oligarch, but, at least, sufficiently secured, and not a miser. But in this case — do they really think that such a serious man most likely to find on a free Dating services?

Only one reasonable consideration comes to mind to explain this phenomenon. May free Dating for serious relationships online are looking for people who just came online and is still guided by ideas about the pricing of Dating services. A fee for their services, is far from democratic.