Dating on the Fishing. — one of the largest portal Mail. Today it is one of the most visited in France. Here was tens of millions of people in many countries. The Dating site founded in 2007 and is currently part of a single service.

Daily for service „sites of communication“ entrance carries about a million users. „Sites of communication:“ registration is totally free. After it, each user can:

to edit your profile, putting the purpose of Dating, interests, and posting photos;

to look at the interlocutor on a variety of criteria, from gender and age to location or growth;

chat, private messages, leave comments.

Users love this site for its nice interface and usability. It has many attractive features:

„My page“ in the „sites of communication“ is created in a matter of minutes. During registration the user needs to specify gender, age. You can place your photos, keep a diary;

all interlocutors can be divided into folders. For example, any of the interlocutors can be added to „favorites“, and those who do not match the purpose of Dating is to remove

you have the option to view who has viewed a profile. In addition, the page users can see their activity;

created various paid features that increase the chances of successful Dating. For example, your application can display in TOP-100;

the website is very easy to use those who have a email Mail. In this case, even no need to register;

you can go to „sites of communication“ with the phone. Have Dating mobile version is very functional. In addition, a special mobile app which can be downloaded free on the store for IPhone and Hoppla. The annexes include a set of premium services. For example, you can connect the VIP-status;

use this Dating service is safe. User data are completely confidential.

Dating — a real chance to find a loved one!