Tips in the country tips on how to chat and do not go unnoticed

Chatting to behave like human beings.

To get noticed no need to shout,»look at me»,»talk to me».

Turn themselves to the desired source

Even better to introduce yourself. Try to put yourself in the shoes of other people. Who would you pay attention in chat. Don’t wait when you speak it’s hopeless say yourself and that is with specific people, not into the void.

Top tip sign up in the chat, then the person you tell can by clicking on nick right clicking and choosing»who it is»to know your data. The guy who uploaded the photo always more appreciated than when meeting people without pictures. Edit your information and upload a photo you can always get on the link to change questionnaire, at the bottom right of the chat. In addition, you will not lose nick, if someone he like you (very often the case), then people have to spend a lot of time explaining to old friends in the chat that they have a new nick, and the old»captured by a dastardly scoundrel.»It is better to register isn’t it.

Girls if a young man was unreliable

Boys unregistered girls you cheated.

Some choose to chat such a nickname, I do not quite understand their gender. If you are a girl, then boys are not to meet with you and Vice versa. In this case, it is best to register your new nick is only good on him think.

If you are turning with a»personal message»respond personally nick click on the right button and select»private message».

A large number (more than) interrogative, exclamation or other marks may result in your removal from the chat. The message, written in LARGE LETTERS or with letters in a different register, not allowed. The official language of communication in the chat international. Messages in other languages are not welcome.

If you for some reason are bored, it is not necessary to inform everyone we’re out of the chat plug. To entertain you there is no obligation.

As a rule, the girls need chat (what they take), and the guys real sex (what they take). Try to understand the person of the other sex.

Sex is not personal correspondence, he is on the bed.

How to leave a message to the person you was chatting, but at the moment not present: can you find the link at the bottom right of the chat»Profile and modify profile», then in his profile click»Send private message»