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Like so much different with the Internet-the reference was of course invented the Online Dating in the USA and presentableOnline Dating was not invented in the United States, but also as the first"socially acceptable"and an event for the masses. 'Starve' is putting the industry billions of dollars per year - about x as much as in Germany, in the x so many Singles (Stand). The United States we have not visited yet in person, to make us a picture and talk to the key figures, but a small 'Pre-Remote-Reportage' of course. California: A certain Gary Kremen marry promising Domains such as 'sex', 'Jobs' and 'Match'. Match bobs up and down first, then, before a female employee takes the matter in Hand, and instead of Porn woman offers a friendly getting to Know via the Internet - the first Online Dating site was born and went live in April. Years later, Match is at the very top of market arrived on the world: Million members from different countries.

match-pair-per-year employees.

A typical success story 'Made in USA', and is just one of many in the Online Dating Business. You think, with nearly million find-search the world's number-found in the erotic Online Dating. Our so-called gives you a rough idea on what is the single stock market development the countries of this world. We pan the camera from of the world to the USA: million inhabitants million Internet users and millions of Singles, on a monthly basis to the personals portals, Match, Yahoo.

Added to that, the users of Internet-partner intermediaries such as US DATING and everything in the direction of Sex.

So the US is not only Online-Dating-the world's export champion, but also still clearly the largest national Online Dating market in the world. We do a bit of research into the causes for this success story: anyone Who wants to participate in the gold rush, you need time to Shovel and other making transfer on Online Dating was exactly in the USA: The Internet itself is more or less an American achievement - quite apart from the PC (IBM) and basic Software (Microsoft).

No wonder that in the subsequent period, first of all, American companies use the Internet populated.

One need only think of Netscape, Ebay, and Amazon - there are, of course, bred plenty of pre-specialists, who can then invent by the way, the Online Dating and Mature. especially since a lot of began to boar further population - according to the Motto: 'If I do anyway online my stuff, then why not also the life partner'. years has worked for her in Germany, so good, but also very considerably to the fact that 'Dating' is in the United States a completely different position than in 'Old Europe'. In growing companies experience, according to a very elaborate and sensitive ways where it comes to a Partner differently in the immigration country, the USA, where the theme is very much a pragmatic addressed is: 'Dating' quite easy with a loose acquaintance, and look what happened. 'We have fixes for this kind of harmless Meeting is not a precise term in our it is in the USA, not a large he had been to jump, the first contact for 'Dating' and 'Online'. In Germany, however, the Dating had to be learned only with difficulty.

We could have the list go on and on

For a via Online Dating. And only since a couple of years ago, it is now socially acceptable, with 'someone's data'. In the USA there is a special single exchanges as in Germany, be it for Blacks, Jews, soldiers, thick, beautiful, pilot, or ivy League graduates. And these specialty-Dating sites are experiencing a huge influx. The main reason for this is that the population of the clarification in the U.S. is much more heterogeneous than in Europe. Just think of the Latinos in the S the, the descendants of the slaves everywhere, the Protestant Irish, the many American Jews and. Also this has something to do with the tradition of Immigration. Online Dating market as the first 'top' arrived (e.g, in relation to the customer. Inhabitants), he is also the first in the world that has to weaken significantly begun: In the years significantly less Singles were, for the first time on the road than in. In a couple of years, India is perhaps the largest national Online Dating market in the world, or maybe China. Henning Wiechers observed since the world of single stock exchanges and is regarded in the media as a leading expert on the topic. The perfect guide for all who want to look around in other countries to a Partner or a partner.

The Video shows you the world's funniest and saddest stories that has brought about the search for a partner Online.

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