Rich Chinese boys want to date and marry white white Caucasian girls or Chinese girls. video Dating

I think that all men on earth prefer beautiful girls

Female pattern Chinese boy wants to the date was pale (this is confusing, who knows the word, because people think they are talking about race, when in fact they mean literally the color and purity of skin) and beautiful)Some rich Chinese boys may care less about money, but they may be interested in learning about their children's IQS. Rich people are complex people who think about many things together.

One thing can be said about rich Chinese: their wealth has to do with their Chinese wife, family, economic or political resources, or, in rare cases, their intelligence and vision.

This is an age, a time when you can hardly become super-rich without the support of an extended family, especially in China, where social classes have formed and stabilized. Even in times of chaos in China, if you look at the past of most billionaires in Hong Kong, you will see that it does not start with anything, but usually with the support of women. Therefore, it is clear that their women are not physically very attractive. (Everything gets better in the second and third generation.) Well, for the descendants of those who are billionaires, I don't think they would want to marry a white girl who is too independent to be controlled by the family. S, where the Chinese have a pretty limited choice, especially decades ago. For example, I remember Kong Linney, song Mei-Ling's nephew, who was married to a Hollywood star when he was in Houston with his oil company. But this marriage ended in divorce. It is obvious that this woman was just a trophy wife. Depending on how polite, smart, and, most importantly, rich he is. If you don't offer something other than what can be done through brothels, most are not interested. He must succeed and perhaps cook better than he is used to, which almost reduces him to a single figure. If, of course, he came to take a test for the ability to mother, then the Japanese housewife must meet the requirements ability requirements. If you can only meet expectations, you may have an opportunity. Or you're just another bride who doesn't know how to cook or do housework, or better yet, raise our children. I would probably take her as a concubine or sugar, but daughters don't marry for so many social reasons that they would rather marry a Chinese woman unless she was born and raised in the Western world, then she would probably marry a white woman or any other ethnic group. Where the Chinese work, where the Chinese marry the girl.

But it's different when we make the scene in the EU

This is Chinese logic.

They usually marry local girls, no matter what color they are. Well, I can say that rich Chinese people don't reject Caucasian girls, but if you're asking if they want it, I doubt it. For most rich people, they like nighttime relationships with Western girls. But if they're talking about getting married.

I wouldn't have thought of that.

Their parents wouldn't have accepted them this. Especially for most very rich families, the parents of rich families decide a lot. Like yellow fever, the white wave is so strong Many Chinese as white women are for reasons of superiority, rarity, unique physicality, or simply love. Dating a white woman is high on the list of Chinese Affairs, but not on the list of marriages. The Chinese know that marriage with a white woman is not ideal.

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