General chat this displays all the events in the game world (news, messages, displayed objects, etc.) is Visible to all players.

The world (World chat) — the chat displays the messages sent in the global chat. World chat is visible to all players. Messages sent to it are displayed in the General chat. The color of the text in this chat blue.

Guild messages in this chat are only visible to members of your Guild. They appear a purple color.

Team in this chat displays messages from team members. Messages are displayed in green.

Private chat — private messages. In this chat, the text appears pink. To write a personal message, you must open the friends list, select friend, with whom you want to chat, and then click the “PM” or type in the text field /Name+ space and message.

Horn is having a special subject of the horn (mouthpiece), you can send in General chat a special announcement. Also ad will appear at the top of all chat in a dedicated area in the form of a Ticker. The announcement will be repeated 2 times.

The Collapse button minimizes the chat to the bottom left corner of the screen.

Button chat — allows you to select the desired conversation from the list.

— allows you to choose a funny p.

“Send” — sends the message. also you can send a message the «Login»button.

Scroll bar — allows you to “scroll the chat history to view the previous message early.

Privat chat

Private chat also contains several functions:

Total box that displays the list of contacts with whom you conduct personal correspondence.

View info — displays information about the character’s inventory in a separate window

Invite allows you to invite the interlocutor to the team.

Add to friends — adds to friends of the interlocutor.

Collapse — collapses the chat. To access chat, click the icon “PM”.

Send — sends a message to the character. Length of message should not exceed 100 characters. To send a message you can also use the hotkey combination.

— by clicking this button, you can choose a funny emoticon and send it to the source.