The rating of Dating sites will be ranked in descending order and the main criterion of measurement is the monthly attendance of the resource of Russian-speaking audience. Statistics borrowed from reputable companies web analysts to question its validity is not necessary. To the Reader it was clear why the basis of the rating obtained attendance: it is the best indicator of the demand and popularity of the Internet resource. The more visits on a Dating site, the more its users, and therefore, the higher the probability to meet and have a relationship.

As you can see, the rating of Dating sites as of 2017 all changed. Although the first 4 positions remained for the giants this niche, in other 6 lines have been major «shuffling»: the top 5 broke the site «Sex Dating», and online «Asian Dating» has managed to lose users, and flew out of our Top 10.

But there is a new participant of the rating sites Dating: «Dating» now on the 10th position. Red made updated information about the participants «Top», added information about the «newbie», so we invite you now to learn the most current information.