Chat Roulette is a popular service that allows completely free, anonymous and without registration communicate via video with users from around the world. Our chat — largest online, every day it is visited by more than 200 thousand users. With chat roulette you will be able to speak in the language you understand with Russian speaking users living in different corners of the world.

Convenient free service

In order to use this chat, you will not need to undergo the tedious and long procedure of registration, create an account and pay for the services. All you need to do is download the app and click „Start“. Randomly selected subscriber will be connected to you.

If you have any problems with the MIC, you can always use text chat window which is located next to the window Video chat. By the way, the video window can change sizes, simply rotate your phone or tablet or click on the video of the interlocutor.

What to do in chat?

Why anonymous chat? This is an amazing opportunity to meet interesting people from around the world to find interesting people, to show themselves and maybe even find love!

To meet a girl or guy is easy

If you are shy, hard to make new friends don’t really like to approach people first anonymous chat roulette, you will definitely like. After all, it is not necessary to endeavor to experience – is just click the button. You can prepare yourself for the video, after making your image bright and memorable: wear a bright t-shirt, pick up your favourite book or your cat. Such details are a great way to interest the interlocutor. If the source you don’t like it, you can always easily, quickly, simply, without explanations to change it by clicking on the „Next“button.

It is always interesting to spend time

Many users in our chat love expressions: to read his interlocutors poems, sing songs, play musical instruments, perform magic. You may suddenly stumble on a show, arranged for you by a stranger.

Need someone to talk to?

If you need someone to talk, to speak, to pour out someone’s soul and be sure that your friends do not find out about this chat roulette you also useful. You can tell as much as you want, and your companion can’t see neither your name nor location, nor any other way to locate you.

Security, anonymity, and comfort.

For your comfortable stay in the chat round the clock administration. If the person does something offensive to you, is rude or in some other way messes with your communication, you can always report it to a moderator and that user will be blocked. Also, no one can see your data and violate your anonymity, unless you choose to tell the interviewee something about themselves.

Chat roulette is simple, easy, and free!

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