Dating service helps to make new friends and easily find companions for easy communication on any topic.

For registration you only need to specify your gender and the gender of the person with whom you wish to meet. And also fill in a short application in free form about yourself and who you are looking for. (Advice on how best to make such questionnaires).

Make your profile more attractive by posting it as their profile photo on the website or by sending a photo via MMS to the number 684 for free. Upon registering with the service, you agree that your location may be displayed to other users of the service. You may not be able to determine your location by typing a special command.

For keywords, your profile will be selected suitable people from our database Dating. To start the communication is possible with any of found. All correspondence, at the same time, completely anonymous. Neither you nor your partner will not know any contact information, until they each other do not let.

After the session, you can continue to communicate via SMS. All incoming mails will come to you in the form of SMS from special numbers questionnaire. To write to someone, you can simply reply to this SMS. The cost of sending one text SMS/MMS to the number 684 is $ 1. Sending MMS messages containing multimedia content or a command, to numbers 684 is $ 5.

Check the Dating service free. Correspondence on the website, search interlocutors (excluding location) and viewing profiles (only the first page of search) are also provided for free for evaluation purposes. Full access to the entire database of profiles available for subscription. Its cost — $ 5 per day. Also, the subscription price is included all text SMS/MMS within the Dating service. After the session on the website, provided subscriptions enabled, further communication is text messaging via SMS/MMS you no need to pay.

You can request a photo of the caller if his profile contains an annotation „profile photo“. This requires sending a PHOTO via SMS/MMS to the survey number of the interlocutor in the picture that you want to. The query cost is 5 RUB. the Communication is several times better when you know that the other person is just in the next house or the street… to find profiles of people nearby, you must send an SMS with the text „WHO’s NEXT“ to the number 684. Request fee — 5 rubles.You can easily increase the ranking of your profile in the search for the other interlocutors, by sending an SMS with the text „VIP“ to the number 684. Team VIP makes your profile more popular – she often offered to other users. Request fee — the cost was 10 RUB. the validity of the team – 24 hours

Dating service takes care of your comfort. That’s why in the application form are not permitted:

— use any of the links and any contact (including advertising purposes);

— use offensive language (in any language) that may offend other users;

— to incite racial or national enmity and post information that contradicts the legislation or under the Criminal Code. The service is intended for persons 18 years or older.

In case of violation of the rules of access to the service may be blocked for a long time.

In case you find the improper use of the service (minors, advertising, paid services, etc.), please inform us about this violation through a special form on the profile page of the user.