First, marriage is possible on three levels – physical, mental (psychological) and spiritual. The highest level is a spiritual relationship, is possible only in the family where spouses are Christians live a spiritual life: striving to live in fellowship with God and become like Him.

Second, Christians my life’s mission to put the highest happiness, maximizing the energies and talents given by God to man. Respectively can not be accepted fornication as a substitute for relationships in marriage.

Thirdly, a detailed questionnaire allows to simplify the choice of the person,

living a spiritual life.

Our Orthodox Dating service open to those who can not yet call myself an Orthodox Christian. We set ourselves the task to make a Dating service without fornication, prostitution and perversions, as far as possible from the temptations of this world; for those who aspire to godliness and true love.

If you value true love, the wealth of the sincere and real feelings in marriage, not the spiritual emptiness of a fleeting passionate relationship, we will be glad to see you among our participants.

Remember the wonderful words about the love of the Apostle Paul: love never fails, though prophecies will cease, and tongues will cease, and knowledge abolished. What is it about? That conjugal love, unity, attained on earth will go with us into eternity…

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