Flirting is an interesting game that helps people to bond and get to know each other and get pleasure from communication. To flirt not only in real life, but also while chatting on the Internet. The art of flirting is easy to learn, follow our tips and you will succeed.

Flirt chat: pros and cons

When they meet online for flirting, usually used chat. Agree, it is convenient to sit at home in front of the monitor in a Bathrobe and Slippers and make somebody’s heart beat faster. Besides, you have enough time to think about their remarks and privilege to pause or interrupt the communication when you want.

Before you decide on the next step, call for help your life experience and consider whether to transfer the communication from the Network a reality. And if your partner is you are really interested, feel free to assign a date.

Online flirting has one significant drawback – you can’t use body language and to use «fire eyes». Although Internet users have found a way and used to convey emotion.