Today a popular form of communication for online consultations is a chat. I’m sure many of You have encountered a pop-up window»Online Advisor», clicking on which You can correspond with a specialist company. I want to share with You valuable information: there is an alternative form of communication with clients, at times superior in functionality chat. And this Web call center — a full-fledged call center in line.

Web call center is a full — fledged call center in line with the automated system of distribution of incoming calls. Unlike the telephone number of the center is that the communication between the client and the operator is not on the phone and via the Internet.

And now about the advantages of Web call center compared to the number of the voice centre. The customer can simply click on the link or banner of call center company and he instantly associated with the operator. The client and the consultant can see and hear each other, the operator can display various documents and presentations, to broadcast your desktop. In addition, there is a chat, through which you can share links and text information.

But that’s not all

The operator can switch the lead to the client.Connected will be able to demonstrate a variety of documents and presentations, and also to broadcast your desktop. And one more significant advantage: the full statistics of the service. Using Web call center, the customer receives information on the number and distribution of connections between the operators, the time of communication. Also the head of the service of call center has access to video review of work the consultant-client both online and in writing. Agree, a handy option for the analysis of work of the personnel of call center.

What is the benefit the client received when it connected to online number of the center. Imagine You plan your holiday. But you, like many modern people, a catastrophic shortage of time. For a long time to gather, then to go across town to a travel Agency to choose a suitable tour. Why. Using the service Web call center can be reached in a comfortable tourist office, from home, or remaining in the workplace. It proves once again that in this world everything is possible.Get video consultation with a Manager of a travel company effortlessly in real time easier than ever. Web call center promotes live interaction and individual approach to each client.

In what spheres to use the Web call center. All. Tourism, banking, environment, consulting, hospitality, logistics, real estate, technical support, Internet shopping and more. Service Web call center already used by many successful companies that strive to be leaders in their fields