The Internet has entered our lives so strongly that even the communication between people is rapidly moved to online social networks, chat rooms, forums, blogs. Naturally, however, that the greatest interest in network communication shows the most active part of population young boys and girls. And exactly the same as always in life, choosing the right tactics in dealing with girls is extremely important for young people who want to succeed in Dating.Our web chat on Women’s Mysteries the place where online communication with girls is available to any young person hours a day it’s women’s Dating chat.


Option when the first meeting in real life or first contact in online, becoming at the same time and the last happens quite often. Girls I sigh with regret and say that all depends on the guys. With her female point of view, I would agree with this. Sometimes you want to whisper in your ear attractive guy exactly how to conduct himself with us — both in real world and in virtual.

The most common mistake when meeting rush. Many guys believe that has successfully mastered the techniques of pickup, forgetting that not every girl nice to feel»glued on-the-go». Many of us wouldn’t mind Dating. But. A deliberately cheeky or sickeningly straightforward attempt to start a conversation»a strong position»causes rejection. Guys who consider themselves»pickup guru», should not think that the most important thing in communication is to quickly snatch the coveted coordinates of the girl.

Come on

In the end, you really decided that you are the first with such visits.Look, you were online all trump cards: no one bothers to chat with the girl, the girl is ready to listen to you, you have every opportunity to gain valuable points create in communion intrigue, to interest, to captivate, to allow for guessing. You will be»mobile», wait. The main thing that you then have something to say to a girl on the phone and the basis for effective follow-up communication are laid here in online.

Unobtrusive attention. Online starts with a lot of tact. If the guy with the girl started communication, but at some point she says that she now needs to leave the chat and go to dinner, the reason for this is quite simple — it really goes to cook dinner.The guy instead put a sad achievement, to be offended that the conversation was interrupted at the most interesting place, doubting whether she would go to the kitchen, tedious to put pressure on the conscience, straining how to him for a long time will not be sad and lonely, it’s better to wish the girl good appetite and to schedule new appointments online. It will be like a man and will not leave the girl no unpleasant emotions she will be grateful that you understood it correctly.

The ability to surprise. It really means a lot. Even a common greeting on the Internet to diversify a little bit with just a pair of symbols:»unfortunately, I can’t give you flowers, but here’s a little virtual piece of your future garden». Animated and normal functions will not produce on living in the Network the girl a special experience, and this may make you smile. The possibilities of the Internet in terms of finding original surprises for girls are endless. In the Network has plenty of funny, romantic, touching, curious videos, pictures, jokesmunicating with the girl online, don’t forget from time to time to»treat»her with something interesnenko, because we girls love so much, when we entertain.

The ability to listen. When the girl is alone, she often want to talk to, maybe even partly open. This is one of the features of online communication in the Network always more openly, because the source is hidden behind the screen of the monitor. And this is a great chance to strengthen the location of the girls. Try to catch this moment and not ruin it, interrupting the banal messages like:»I car with a friend yesterday repaired, you have no idea just what the car is unreal, etc.»the Girl is not interested. The girl is disappointed and she decides to remain silent. The thin thread of understanding missing.But it was enough just to hear without switching the conversation to yourself, a loved one.

Common interests. Even among strangers a guy and a girl there is always common ground, we just don’t know yet. And the task of communication to find them in time and determine. Try to talk about one of the other. For example, you also once have been unfairly dismissed or best friend stopped being best. Abstract topics like music, movies and literature too.Online search points to communicate with the girl is particularly simple, because in chat rooms, social networks, forums, and Dating sites are the profiles and questionnaires, where people tend to talk about their priorities, and therefore it is easier for you to navigate. It is often completely sufficient, and the previous paragraph — listening, and listening to understand. This is especially true for those guys seeking a girl for serious relations. We actually often complain about the lack of understanding on the part of men, subconsciously waiting for the one who will destroy this stereotype and are very grateful for this.

Men, be men. I admit honestly we girls are far from perfect creatures. In the online communication, we often first»as our measuring stick»of men, releasing them small studs, poking fun. Why we do it no one can really say. And I think that these innocent provocation — the subconscious search of»that»: smart, strong, all understanding, indulgent to female weaknesses. And what is the frustration in response to the innocent antics hear the flow of wounded pride, purely feminine ability to make a big deal out of nothing, sometimes to the point of squabbles and tantrums.I understand that anonymity online in itself, may provoke extreme expression of emotion, the communication style that guys probably don’t use, really communicating with the girl.

But guys

You came here to meet me. Think about it what girl interesting acquaintance with the inflated Turkey, which from the slightest studs bursts like a bubble of marsh, spreading around nasty sprays and scents.

Overall, the main recommendations can be summarized probably the following: guys, chat with girl online, how to communicate in the real world, wanting to win her affection. Try to use a variety of new, rewarding opportunities online most effectively for their own benefit to establish contact with the girl, but not for narcissism or not leading to useful results for you expression