Students almost never go to the library, replacing them with a convenient search engine where you can find the answer to any question. And also to get consultation of psychologist or astrologer. A lot of people have completely ceased to meet on the streets, because it is much easier to do on the world wide web, on a Dating site.

Since then, as the Internet appeared, people spend hours lost in it – play online, learn about and even treated without visiting doctors. But I would like to raise the question that troubles many: acquaintance in a network – is it good or is it bad? The issue arose after the consultations, I realized that today, many women work from 8 am to 10 PM. The question suggests itself: where is a woman supposed to find their soul mate? In the subway, on the trolley stop, or in a dark alley your yard? With the pace of modern life it is very easy to be alone.For such cases, and there are the online Dating. By the way, looking for a life partner not a prerequisite — of a married woman can simply obtain a lot of compliments in his address, thereby greatly increasing their self-esteem. What’s good? First, from the point of view of psychology of relationship, You feel safe in exposing your best photos, and can find a partner that will love You is suitable according to certain criteria of height, weight, age. In communication You can respond to the other party immediately, but a well-considered response can make a joke and find out what this joke is successful.You can say anything you want. You can hide Your bad mood. You will not see and hear. It is very convenient. Secondly, the Internet we communicate with different interesting people we never would have faced in the hectic days. The Internet gives us protection from feelings of loneliness, from our inner fears that are present in everyday life — for example, not to please another human or to make mistakes in it. The Internet definitely has its advantages — You can say what you never would say in real communication.The third factor is usefulness: have You ever, at any time, may stop communicating, and do not need to explain why. You simply did it, and no need to invent a hundred different reasons — I just don’t, at this point. The profile is deleted, there’s no sign of. Want to communicate — create a new profile, a new image, and again in the battle. What’s wrong? Communicating in a network, we live with illusions. In fact, we communicate with the computer or if you want to yourself.Communication on the Internet is a projection, because in the course of the conversation we unconsciously present to the interlocutor and invent characteristics of the person have not seen, and don’t know what it really is. Almost always conjure the qualities that we have within ourselves. When You meet someone in person, You hear the voice of a man perceive his manner of speaking and can be folded first impression of him. Sometimes it is deceptive, but not so drastically as if You met on the Internet.The image of a man we have to think through themselves, because communicating on the network, we do not hear the voices, see the faces, feel the human response to all written words. That accounts for Your imagination to take matters into their own hands. Even if You are satisfied, You have found a decent man from another city or even country and You began a virtual romance — to some extent it is also a novel with a computer, even if You know how to draw love live.The longer You communicate with people online, the more invent about him: what he is, how he behaves, looks, moves, says. But it’s Your imagination, it’s not real. After meeting with him, You see absolutely other picture, often the opposite of what You out of your mind. Therefore, the best option will be immediately after online Dating to meet in real life.

The result is that real life can never be replaced. But if you look from another angle, it is possible that online You will meet the person with whom you can share life. There are many couples who met in social networks and on Dating sites and are now happy together, but for that they needed to meet and fall in love. So it doesn’t really matter where You meet — online or at the bus stop. If You are satisfied, keep doing what You like, because this is the road to a happy destiny, believed by many parapsychologists and spirituality.Do not think about how to find your love, just wish with all my heart!