…One of my friend Olga once over a Cup of coffee and told about his shortest date with a man. She, like many girls believed in a great and pure love, but to find her on a Dating site, not particularly hoping, rather, I decided to try this way of finding dream men out of idle curiosity. Here at work had a spare minute, and a girl without any problems signed up for one a very popular Dating site.On the first day of the correspondence of Olga agreed to meet with one of the numerous candidates (as known in social networks, blogs and even more on thematic resources for „building relationships“ men and women are much more courageous and hasty than in real life). My friend and her new friend agreed to meet that evening after work and become acquainted in some cozy cafe with a Cup of aromatic latte. Alas, all hopes of Olga for a wonderful evening fell, when she saw Him near the metro, saw so to speak in „complete growth“.“Unfortunately“ my girlfriend immediately after greetings and exchange of pleasantries, the phone rang and she was forced to rush through their urgent business. But it was the fact that her Beau was low growth, not high — five feet, and perhaps only in the jump. Of course we laughed together at the story and resourcefulness Oli, but the guy is still a little sorry. Upon returning home from his very short in the life of Dating my girlfriend deleted her profile from the site and never made any attempts to meet online… unlike me.

My first experience of Internet Dating has been quite successful, I lived with a nice man for two years and even nearly jumped to marry him… In fact, stories of happy couples who found each other in the Internet are numerous, which is not surprising – just think about how much time you spend on social media and while surfing the pages… a Good many meetings, and you came a little happiness is enough to go online and arm themselves with useful information, for example, that the blunders of Internet Dating.

The rules of online Dating: the 5 major „don’T“

Not priukrasit information about yourself to at the meeting not to disappoint the man, but at the same time like when you see on the face of the alleged gentleman’s unspoken question, „and where the relaxed beauty with which we corresponded?“. Honestly and thoroughly (within reason) fill in the form „about me“, without neglecting the refinement of the growth. Specify your external data (at least in General terms), your interests and preferences. This will prevent you from many issues, but also immediately give a common ground, common themes and interests.

Do not play the role, be as close as possible to a real. The Internet allows us to be beautiful and witty, and erudite: it is easy to find a good aphorism for social network status or use to the place a good joke, blog to easily publish interesting news, the answer to almost any question will give the search engine.And now, the classic girl-blonde skillfully mimics the knowledge of programming or says 15 options for cooking meat, shares his list of the best movies… Remember that when you go offline for a date, your personal PC will not come to the aid of, and consistent with embellished yourself will become easy.

— Do not make enormously long list of requirements for the chosen one, the more the points in a serious and sad tone. Remember that nobody is perfect, and you including. Love is not in the presence of three higher education together with the sports category and knowledge of four languages. Pretty stupid to weed out men by the color of eyes and hair… Who knows what plans for you have a Destiny? Do not be pragmatic nor boring, nor overly romantic dreamer, in General terms, specify what attracts you in men, whom and for what purpose you are looking for.

— Don’t forget to put in addition to your questionnaire at least one or two photos (e.g. portrait photo and full length). Psychologically it’s nice to chat with a person knowing him in the face, especially if you even like it. Take average photos, but not perfect job of editor Photoshop that gave you an image where you won’t even recognize yourself.

One of the basic rules of successful online Dating: be careful! Study questionnaire and photographs.Play detective page in the social network of your new acquaintance, carefully finding out e-mail or ICQ number, name in the Instagram stream, use search engines and see what are the traces of the young man in network (he blogs, posts on forums etc) So, for example, you can find out in advance: not married, whether your new friend if he’s got five children and if he was off on the Internet like a real ham-a Troll, or maybe his phone in some black base? No, it’s not paranoia, it’s caution and a natural feminine curiosity.

— Don’t use boilerplate messages. Even a limited amount of your free time will not be an excuse if you send everyone the same welcome message. You hope that your prospective Prince doesn’t do that, so that should do it deb? Use individual approach, creative in the introduction, less words, but let them be their different. Chances to stand out from the crowd and interest will immediately increase.

Don’t be too pushy! Do not flame new friend (he you you he’s ten), so soon you run the risk of annoying person, or just to frighten his head. Do not hurry for sending messages so that one thought is divided into several or just your questions/answers are given to you with such speed that the other person absolutely wants not what to digest, but just to read.

— When communicating online there is no physical contact between people, so men and women behave in a more relaxed manner than in real life. But do not forget about some rules of decency. This includes not only control over the lexicon, but a careless habit of some girls to give out too much personal information about yourself prematurely. You have never seen – should I tell when you had your last sex, and how much you changed partners?The rules of decency should be imposed and the recommendation is to communicate, and not to make when corresponding with someone a interrogation.

The long-awaited meeting according to the rules of successful online Dating

Ideally, the initiative of the first meeting should come from a man but… this is totally optional, if you can offer the caller to meet in life naturally and unobtrusively. Choose neutral territory – a café, a Park in good weather in the summer where you will be able to communicate freely. Extra caution does not hurt, no trips to visit the first (and second) dates, places of a mass congestion of people in the daytime are the most preferable.

Tighten as much hurry, with the first date is not worth it. In the first case, it is of interest to you as to the opposite sex may begin to fade away, and you just can seamlessly migrate from the category of „potential girlfriend“ to „friend“ pen-PAL off which, by changing the usual form of communication, would be very difficult. But in the second case you risk to learn previously too small to seem too interested in any type of encounter, simply to waste their precious time.