Speaking of which, therefore, registering on our Dating website, there can be nothing to be ashamed of — after all, to look for friends or just to shoot the breeze is not prohibited even married!🙂

Its reputation is due not only to the abundance of resources for Dating and entertainment (branded toy Library, regular and crazy „African Dating“meetings, History and diary, system SSS, the mobile version of the website, etc.) but also to the human participation shown to all our visitors.

„The African experience“ — not cloned consumer goods, we are unique!

Unlike other Dating sites, we have no clearly deterministic „limits of behavior“. Walk on the sections (links at left), read, enjoy — if you like it, feel free to sign up! As a minimum, will gain new knowledge and experience!

The big request! As the name of our Dating site, please add our address to your „favorites“ now — and then suddenly you forget!🙂

At the moment, experience the „African experience“ — the oldest of the popular Dating sites, we have not sold, not transferred, do not change radically the engine. „The AFRICAN EXPERIENCE“ opened to the public on 1 November 2002, since then many couples have grown children! In addition, the process of Dating on our website so different from other sites that many parents would recommend us to their children!