Build relationships using the Internet for many people is easier than in real life. In virtuality it is possible to find»his»person, the chance to meet offline which tends to zero (for example, if he is from another country). However, you should follow a few rules to get burnt.

Many beginners who are registered on Dating sites, worry disappointment. They are often immediately faced with Horny mates, who are hiding under the mask fell madly in love. If you was not in specialized services such as»Partners for sex», where partners are looking for sex, this may come as a shock.

Actually on Dating sites all want different things. Some»disposable»or virtual sex, other sex to sell, others just to talk to because lonely, fourth find a free guide in the city, where going on a business trip, the fifth to collect materials for psychological research. But among them there are those who want to tie a serious relationship.

How to recognize those with whom it is better not to communicate.

The conversation begins with the incredible compliments and quickly turns to the topic of sex.

The picture of the interlocutor Frank or strange photos.

You it’s beautiful but a typical message which could come any other without specifics. Typically, these messages guys send out to several girls.

The partner acts unceremoniously, promises mountains of gold and a million scarlet roses, asking us to provide personal information or send photos of. When failure can permanently abyss.

You write about the terrible grief that happened in the family, and asking for money.

Such requests can come after a long and sincere communication

Feel free to ask for proof.

New friend ready to come to visit you»right now»to get acquainted.

Follow the saying»Trust but verify». New experience is useful, but always think about your safety, because you can run into scams. If you feel that you have something unpleasant catches, it is better not to hurry.

Those whom you really like, you will not stop to communicate with you, even if you refuse urgently to go on a date or send a couple of thousand dollars»on medication my grandmother».

Write the truth

Sooner or later you will have to go offline. So if your picture is well processed photo of a decade ago, a date may turn into disappointment.

Photos to put better to honor her: for this»card»will judge who you are and what you want.

So those who are looking for a serious relationship, it is better to avoid photos with bare-chested, in skimpy swimsuits, with a kebab and a bottle of vodka in his hand and selfi on the background of someone else’s expensive car.

To admit that you categorically fruit eater, night races and don’t love kittens, it is better. But don’t overdo it: the information that you recently had your Appendix out, would be definitely too much. To bare my soul (and body) you still have time.

And by the way, the truth, it’s better to write without cliches and spelling mistakes.

Develop sympathy

Sympathy is an important quality to better understand the feelings and emotions of another person. It helps to distinguish the real from the imagined sympathy, to avoid illusions and destructive for a relationship stickiness. And also allows not to become egocentric, believe that the world revolves only around him.

The rules are simple.

If you see something that I like, try to explain why. What cause has attracted photos, interests, hooked on something unusual and so on.

Try to find topics of interest to both, not just you.

Be friendly, don’t try to show yourself better than you are.

Show some tolerance, if you refuse. Do not try to»blow up»the border: a healthy relationship can only be built on mutual respect.

If people like it, don’t make it a»run»to the feelings became stronger. If he makes a step forward, do the same. If retreats draw conclusions and not run after (unless you will hurt him in this case it is necessary to apologize).

Don’t waste time on those you don’t like it, don’t keep them»just in case». Remember that exactly the same can come to you.

Do not put unnecessary barriers

It is clear that we all want to see the perfect man or woman. But you look strictly»not older than»,»not below»,»not more than kilograms»,»receiving not less than thousand»is too childish. Someone does not need a brunette, others do not want to deal with»bald and pot-bellied».

But happiness is not the presence of abs and not a hair color.

If you still want to specify your ideal, make it softer. Write, what qualities you value (passion for reading, music, movies, skiing and so on). Note what you accept will not be able (for example, dislike an animal or a fanatical passion for computer games).

None of us are perfect. Love, wrote Bulgakov, might pop up,»as from under the ground popping up the killer in the alley»suddenly, unexpectedly. Love can be bald, and paunchy, and generally far from the model parameters of the person.

Do not despair

If time goes by and you have not found»his»person, not put on a cross.

So you can bring yourself to depression

Spending your life in a constant scanning of the Dating sites and experience due to unsuccessful searches just not worth it. This does not mean that you are any worse than others.

The best way is to do self development.

Find a new hobby, travel, read, go to the gym

Enthusiastic, easy going person doubly interesting and able to attract the same people.

This is worth remembering always