getting on the Internet

So, the psychology of online Dating: Dating with girls and guys, women and men in the network

Problems overly active social networking, including online Dating, replacing real communication and interaction, exploring not only the psychologists and sociologists… And the vast majority of them come to conclusions about the dangers of excessive virtual communication.

According to statistics, the female population is significantly more male, and if we talk about young single mothers and Housewives, it turns out that suffering from the loneliness of women is more than men…

This is confirmed by the fact that the female population turns more psychological help due to depression caused by loneliness, and love addiction, excessive attachment and obsession, suffering in relationships with men.

While men who want to get acquainted in Internet with girl and is gaining in the search engine: „meeting women“ or „meet a girl“, much more girls or women gaining „familiarity with a man or acquaintance with a guy…

This suggests that in the Internet too a lot of Dating sites for a serious relationship, and for a time forwarding.

Also, in a network often there are boys and girls for whom the process of Dating online is a fun game, having fun — I’m not talking about scams and marriage scams.

But still there are many lonely people: both men and women, and girls and young men (guys) who cannot, for one reason or another, to meet in reality, and exploring via the Internet for a serious relationship up to marriage.

It remains to know how to determine when meeting in the Internet, that really wants a person: a relationship or to play?

How to get acquainted on the Internet and not to be deceived?

First, before you meet on the Internet, You should ask yourself: „Why I want to get acquainted through the network, the virtual…what’s stopping me from finding the girl or guy in reality?“

A similar question you should ask yourself about the other person: „Why he met online…why not find a friend (friend) or a loved one in normal circumstances?“

Also, it should be borne in mind that if people have uploaded their profile, for example, on a Dating site, then most likely, You are not alone (not alone) will write to him and decide to start a relationship.

And if suddenly You will begin a virtual interaction, even the real purpose of meetings, REMEMBER that You probably have „competitors“, and he (she) is a choice, almost a „bargain“, like the auction… (who gives more and the lot).

Therefore, in the first minutes of Dating online and in reality, in any case don’t open until the end of the soul, and keep a personal distance.

How better to know the person with whom you meet on the Internet?

Most people when we first met, though in reality, at least in the network are of a social mask, which is quite difficult to see the real, sometimes deeply hidden intentions of a man (sometimes, they are hidden from him).

And in the beginning of a relationship people may seem good and fluffy, but as soon as a certain point — it will show all its essence. And often, this inner essence is terrible.

So if You don’t want to deceive your expectations and suffer, try to gather about the person with whom you are acquainted through the Internet, as much information as possible. For example, in social networks, paying particular attention to what he puts it: he writes that listens and looks, reads and is interested in what, and also find out about his recent relations with the opposite sex, perhaps a long and emotionally incomplete situations with the girls (guys) that You don’t become a „vest“ or „reserve airfield“.

Few people know, but social media is a goldmine for psychoanalysis, where people discover their true essence, they are not aware of.

How to behave when Internet Dating, correspondence, chat, Instagram stream…online and at the meeting in reality?

The first thing to learn if You are going to get acquainted through the Internet with a view to a serious relationship or a family is that in no case do not need to start Dating or flirting if You suffer from depression or other emotional disorders.

Second — for the creation of a strong trust relationship, you should not start an online chat with lies…and at the same time, do not immediately reveal all details about yourself (especially if You don’t ask).

The third acquaintance in the Internet better to start with communicating via Email (to have time to think what to say, and, if necessary, to collect info about the person), then go to chat and SMS, and then to assign online meeting on Skype (first by voice and then video). Further, as you progress acquaintance, you can set up a meeting in reality.

Fourth — try to communicate more naturally and spontaneously, at the same time, observing some rules of decency. Do not try to seem better than You are: don’t make excuses and don’t apologize for nothing, and that You personally are not affected… do Not underestimate and do not uprate your life I-position and self-image.

Fifth — if you begin to develop an acquaintance in reality, to clarify something unclear or ambiguous — use direct speech, ask your questions directly… Remember, if You are invited to a cafe or home, it certainly can imply an intimate continuation by mutual consent, but it does not and is not binding…

And don’t forget that communication must be congruent (proportionate), i.e. a situation, including emotional, should be completed (by type, how much given, so much gained back — I don’t mean Finance).

For example, if a young man invites You for a Cup of tea to his home, then he and You can include the bed. And if You’re after a tea refuse from the bed, the situation will not complete… this means that You will feel guilty, and he hurt for her irritation (which he tries to hold back, and You will apologize) …

To avoid this, you should either not go for tea or to say directly about the implied outcome, and their desire (or not desire) …

In the future, if you’re honest and open with each other, you can have a real introduction, and you will establish a serious relationship, and maybe create strong family, where reigns the true love…