To explain the differences in the types of perception of the world, psychologists have identified four types of people: auditory, visual, kinesthetic, digital personalities. Modern programs for chatting online, chat which is not the only means of communication, provide opportunities for artistic expression to people of all types. «Discover Italy» is one of the applications that are used for online communication auditory and kinesthetic, visual and digital personalities.

Online communication for auditory learners and visual learners

For auditory learners are most comfortable with voice communication. People belonging to this type, it is good absorb information by hearing: they remember better and more accurately represent what the source told voice. Even with online communication in a text chat auditory manifests itself, for example, these remarks: «Hey», «Wanna say», «do I say?».

Visuals, by contrast, learn best with eye contact. On the verbal level the visual manifests itself in such phrases as «See», «I noticed(a)», «In my opinion», «Need to reflect that.» Of course, the visuals are more inclined to use programs for Video chat when communicating online. Seeing the facial expressions and gestures of speakers, visual learners understand them better and get more positive emotions from the communication.

For both types of personality will be the right decision to organize the online meeting using a chat program «Dating in Italy.» The auditory learners will appreciate the opportunity to communicate online through a microphone. The visuals certainly will like the ability to use the «Discover Italy» as a program for Video chat.

As kinesthetic and digital personalities reveal themselves in the chat

Kinesthetic (kinesthetic) — people who perceive the world through touch, by touch. Digital personalities are more inclined to a logical understanding of reality; they prefer to get as much information before you make a choice. Despite this, kinesthetic and digital personalities use the chat to communicate as often as visual and auditory.

On the verbal level, kinestetic more often than others use such as «warm», «mild», «light». Their statements as expressions of the visual, often full of imagery. Such a chat program, like «meet in Italy», may appeal to kinestetika the option to add images in text chat. After all, this will allow Ginestet to share with other people a part of their world, albeit a digital one. It is possible that «Experience Italy» will be of interest to a kinesthetic personality as a program for video communication.

Digital personalities like to build logical connections and rely on facts, their favorite introductory words «therefore», «as far as I know.» For digitalb just text messaging that mean so much logical reasoning easier to Express it in words. However, from chat online chat simple text, soon enough digital can resort to supplementary expressive means: for example, to transfer files or show photos in the chat. Such options enable digital personalities to support their position and to gain adherents in the face of the visuals.