I have spent in the chat a lot of nights, there are, perhaps, the Association with paintings of Fabian Perez, depicting single men and women in places of entertainment. Cigarette, booze, a sense of alienation, the feeling of solitude that the night is always sharper, and suddenly… gaze falls on the man at the next table, who seems to be experiencing similar emotions. There is an instant impulse of interest and belonging — „we’re the same blood“. The consequences can be very unpredictable:)

But the experience was one of the first participants of our chat:


The first chat in which I went was the Women’s Mysteries. How came — and stayed — and it was nothing less than 5 may 2003, at 4 a.m., 10 minutes, 9 seconds. They came in the night as the day does not have time. Returning home, I felt loneliness and emptiness. Then turn on the computer and clicked on „favorites“, which hung only reference — night chat Female secrets.

The first person I „spoke“, was a girl named Lisa. She, like me, just couldn’t use the chat. We studied for a long time to insert into the text funny images – talk is invisible to everyone (in personal Cabinet), it was unusual and new. I captured the romance of the chat. In addition to Foxes, there were other Dating — moonlight Sonata, Dracula.

Life took on a special meaning, there was something giving new opportunities – night chat. It was dark and cozy, and now so left. I just couldn’t sleep! Every night (and sometimes until dawn) I was sitting in front of the monitor. We just talked, we lived here. All each other knew, worried, happy — it was a real love chat. Remember — heart skips a beat. What is there just was not! The day was attended by some people, and night are quite different, dissimilar, but particularly interesting. The warmth of communication created the feeling that come home.Yes, my girlfriend moonlight Sonata that was said, even a pot of virtual coffee to the guests of the chat.

Want to talk about one love story in chat. My friend (not gonna say who) became acquainted with a young man, fell in love, so that another reason to talk we just didn’t have. They had long corresponded, even giving me his friend. Waited General meeting of the chat in the Video chat was going, worried, nightmare! But, as luck would have it on the appointed day I left home with a nanny. I, the unhappy, instead of all in a cafe, again I go to the chat… and then flying screw! Now I’m still without a computer! Call a friend, and she immediately come to you, my friend is a computer specialist, now all the chat roll))… Okay, the computer I fixed on my own, was to separate the boys from the „Goodies“. A friend, calling about 8 in the morning, happily told — „too bad you weren’t here and we just got home from a night meeting, tomorrow he’s going back to Moscow.“She found destiny, and I still curse the night are unable to get where wanted. But I wouldn’t be alone…

What is happening with me? People come to the chat for communication, but often find there is not only him. I am no exception. Have a night chat of his own romance, the atmosphere is chat love… Imagine for a moment… the Night, somewhere around midnight habitually walk, talking with friends… and suddenly HE, strange, unique, interesting… my Heart stops for a moment, then begins to beat differently, breaking for a breath, pausing on the exhale. You know when you’ve met someone who is getting more expensive and closer.Trying to catch every word… Greet the dawn and you happily fall asleep with the thought that tomorrow will meet IT again in here. Fly all day like a butterfly, you run home gasish light, turn on the computer, go online, waiting, counting the minutes… finally, the inscription — „comes to us… HE is.“ Real is love? Or chat — love? It doesn’t matter. Incomparable feeling!

Everything changes on the Internet, it seems that life is also flying faster. It’s two different lives, I don’t know which one is real. Now I work a lot, I go less frequently, but warm memories about the good old chat love, Women’s Mysteries still in me. Now comes a lot of new people, in the face of a new „family“ of users. Listen to your favorite music, again tell newcomers how to insert a picture, you can see your favorite distant stranger. As before, the darkness of the night, night chat… I know this night will not be alone…