My world — a popular social network where daily meet tens of thousands of people.

It all depends on your preferences.

Girls, boys, Mature men and women find new friends in My world, usually through their friends. So, on the right you can see the block that shows how many friends you have and in My world — clicking on it, you will be taken to a page with a full list of them. Above this block there is another — it’s called»you May know».

Here just display friends of your friends

Click the block and select from the list the person with whom you want to meet.

Next you need to say Hello. The situation is made easier when you have seen this man at least once and now want to get to know him better. Recall where you met that person you were interested, why do you think that you will be interested to chat, make friends or be in a serious relationship. In this in this case, familiarity — My world is over.

If the person is unfamiliar to you and also say Hello, but only do not let the familiarity. And avoid standard phrases like»Hello, how are you.»or»hi, wanna be friends.». Often people leave in the application your phone number. An interesting solution is to write SMS and to continue the dialogue with the interested person on the phone, telling me how you found him on My world.

Girls and women who dream about marriage, you can offer to try to get to know My world by one of the communities here in the social network. Those communities, where you can find a couple just for friendship, for flirt and marriage, quite a lot.

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