This type of Dating has become quite popular when most users could afford the traffic for communication via video calls. And since this kind of Dating has been rapidly gaining popularity.

However for mobile devices this type of communication was available immediately, because not all the phones had front camera, but if there was, it was very poor quality. Now that the front camera of the smartphone began to have higher resolution for a selfie, the situation has changed.

Communication here is free of charge, anonymously and without registration, simply install the app, start a chat and begin to chat with someone, chosen by chance: to write or to talk. If the person does not like it, you can immediately reset the chat to switch to the next source.

The emphasis the developers are doing in safety and comfort. It is argued that the chat is available around the clock administration and if the person starts to behave not properly, you can report it to a moderator. Such user will be blocked.

The application interface is very simple and straightforward, it has only one window where you can navigate only in a partition with the rules of conducting yourself in chat and a few buttons for interaction with the interlocutor. Honestly, strange I thought two things: no advertising and no frills. Design could be better, prettier. But, we must pay tribute, everything works functionally, perhaps due to the lack of improvements in design and runs on a very light smartphone.

Chat Roulette — simple and easy to use app for Dating, worthy the attention of those for whom the process of Dating in the real world is quite complex and exciting process. And for those who are looking for new acquaintances and new sensations.