«Dating in India»the brightest and most fun chat app that lets you chat with strangers for seconds. Hundreds of your new friends online ready to have some fun with you. All you have to do is say Hello to your friends with»Hey.»button. You will receive a response almost immediately, and will be able to start a chat.

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When you find interesting people, just»hi.»to start a conversation

On average, you can chat with somebody for seconds. In real time, conversing with new people.

Very simple chat ha. Just communicate, communicate, communicate.

There is nothing more to say, the conversation is not going well. Use the random button selection.


Super easy way to say Hello.


Chat support: When you have nothing to say

Just»Choose theme»button

The»Favourite»feature only shows your favorite contacts in communication

«random selection Hello»selects strangers and sends them Hey. automatically.

«Level of relationship»shows how much you communicate with each other.»


«- This is not a Dating app. Enjoy a friendly chat with new friends around the world.

Not comfortable to chat with new people.

No problem

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Questions, problems or comments.

So, in search of new people to communicate. Let’s begin with, say»hi.»and start talking with people in the simplest application online. A huge number of new friends are waiting for you in»Dating in India»