You are trying to enter the site from an unusual place. To confirm that this is really you please enter your mobile phone number. Interesting question. Noticed that some people think that appearance, girl or guy not so important. Let’s say you agreed on a date, and who one came not so neat, what will be your actions. My personal opinion: the man who respects himself and others, takes care of herself. And not only so as not to frighten the passers-by in the night. I love it – but rarely talk about it, love the delicate – but not for many eyes. Sells the feeling that before the light of the Whole soul exposes. You met I have a song as a Hello. When love really is for us. So the Nightingale roars in the midnight hour. In the spring, but forget the flute in the summer. Night will not lose their charms. When he was silent outpouring. But the music, sounding with all branches, becoming Ordinary, loses the charm. And I stopped like a Nightingale: Her sang and not sing. Yeah, I often see many of the women who works a lot of bad and a little work too bad, and if the husband will have little to work where the money will be taken, which they always lack. And we have to work, even for the sake of communication with other people, and your income does not hurt, and unnecessary thoughts in a head will not climb. Because they will not have the strength nor the desire. Want to relax at home and not make a scene. I have just looked into the profile of one man. Good man Joe I think his name was, well, a fit all. there in a leather car interior. in a pool with skyscrapers in the background. but the questionnaire did not let you know, he probably doesn’t like women over thirty (sobbing. ) Well, what is he doing here at all — he’s a BACHELOR in the road. The transmission is interesting, it look. let him try himself Joe uzho. And I incidentally, the husband is younger than me by as much as six years. (Hey you, whoever you are, Joe. ) well, I was just to the way. And today saw another man in the diary about: ‘the Women is the men app (free wanted to say), they are stupid like a cork’ so many letters wasted. tried very. And here is such question -‘who educates your children who and WHAT puts them in the mind and heart. NOT women whether. And are they not the reason your complexes, entrenched pain in the subconscious forever, because they are complexes, deposited in the head at the age of — years.