Than free communication is different from counselling?

Unlike counseling, this service is no stipulate on the other side of the order, for example, solving some psychological problems as some desired end result, to which we must come. In advising conversation guides the psychologist and in free communication you and only You define the topic and the course of conversation.

In the «free communication» You get not friend, but interlocutor who is versed in matters of psychology and philosophy.

Have you ever thought about what it would be nice to be able to be written off (e.g. «email» or «ICQ») with a specialist psychologist or even a philosopher, just to chat? Without striving to solve a problem or personal issue and just talk?

Sometimes there’s just not enough sensible interlocutor, who would be attentive to our words, and could have meaningful (and not at the level of «yellow press») to keep the conversation going.

After all, conversation, reflection in dialogue is a unique way to escape from the incessant turnover of workers and even family everyday!

The culture of talk and the epistolary genre, were pushed far to the periphery of the sphere. In the center was a jumble of work-related information and fragmentary, often completely empty chatter… Space for meaningful dialogue, for reflection and finding a new one (even if only for yourself or your!) the answer to any question is almost gone.

But there are so many interesting and remarkable, that we pay attention to and would like to stay a bit longer on this, to understand…

In psychological terms, we may be interested in the behavior of a person, the explanation which we would like to find. We can surprise your own reaction to an event or the actions of others, their meanings and values. Our attention can attract the feature of perception or experiences. Maybe we just wanted to get to know ourselves… so who knows what else?!

And this personal knowledge, this «meaning-for-itself» can never replace no scientific truth. Any little thing can be here the reason for your own discoveries, their personal understanding, gaining its meaning.

But in philosophical terms, by and large, don’t even care — there is a topic for conversation or not! If the sides are not indifferent to their condition, to people, to the world around and understanding some of the faces, the theme itself is formed in the course of the conversation. Of course, if the participants allow the conversation to flow its course and not interfere with this. Then issued and subject and detected a very significant meaning! So, if Your partner knows what to ask, and most importantly, can hear something between the lines, between words, letters… and psychologist and philosopher usually only this busy:).

At some point, experiencing a kind of insight, both people can exclaim, «Oh! Here, it turns out, we were talking about!». Such moments of awareness are very valuable — they indicate the way to a new level of understanding, new level of understanding, vision — their ideas about the world, about life, about anything…

And this insight does not mean that both did not know what he was talking about, rather they could not imagine that «something» in the new plan, which suddenly opened and discovered the meaning was much more meaningful than the usual opinion…

All I propose You have a choice between two modes of communication

Correspondence by e-mail or using the online instant messenger («Email communication»).

online chat with Internet messenger (a program for instant messaging — ICQ, M-Agent, Skype, etc. — mode «Chat»).

How to be able to communicate?

First You choose the type of communication (from a psychological or philosophical bias), the mode of communication (messaging or chat), pay the session chatting and getting to your email address my email as well as contacts for communication in a convenient program im (instant messengers: ICQ, M-Agent, Skype)

Next, if You selected an «email communication», then just write me a letter and sent (Inbox or on any of the messengers).

If You choose mode «chat» online, then I mentioned the contacts in automatic writing (which You get after payment) specify the desired to communicate «time intervals» (Moscow time) and «days» for comfortable communicating in online. I will contact You myself via email or via messenger as soon as I can.

And communicate!

At the same time, nothing prevents us to combine «writing» with «chat», whatever.

However, note that in contrast to the «email communication» in «chat» it is obligatory to «online» for both of them. That is, You and I at the same time are on the Internet and communicate in real-time. It is clear that «chat» is more convenient to someone who knows how to type quickly and formulate your thoughts. However, for most people who are already using online messenger is not difficult. I myself am typing quickly (own touch type printing method blindly), but hurry You will not — that for communication in a hurry?

Each communication session is payable in advance or do we immediately agree on a series of such sessions prepaid (of course, as you wish).

However, I reserve the right to refuse to continue the communication, but be sure to explain the reason and of course refund all your money that You paid in advance, for the opportunity to communicate in the future.

If You have no programs for im (Internet messenger), then see below.