In English the verb „chat“ means „talk“, „gab“, „communicate“. It’s such an interactive „Smoking room“ in which we come strangers and talking on topics that interest you and part, at least, pals. Forums and e-mail also perform the same function, but it is stretched in time. To chat, you need to be online.

The first chat was a Supplement to the Bulletin boards. In fact, the administration could answer the questions of the participants interested in submitting or responding to ads. It happened in the late 70-ies

Amateur radio is considered the first informal chat, which allows communication in real time. Hams it was available in 1980 and then became mega popular. Conversational simulator allowed users to exchange messages almost instantly. Used more than 40 dedicated channels, later called „rooms.“ The main users of conversational simulator was lovers of the American musical style of the country. Already by the mid 80-ies some companies of the gaming industry was equipped with online games chat rooms.For example, players were able to play interactive chess while talking.

The most common in the 90s became the chat of the American company America Online. And in 1991 he was the first ever broadcast of news via chat to „get to know US“. News in real time was received directly from the Persian Gulf, which was then fighting. An improved model of the program-phrase program was ICQ, created in 1998.

Now text chat is not as popular as in the 90s They were replaced by video chats, allowing users to see each other through video and voice chat via a microphone. Someone chooses to experience someone to flirt, and someone is even lucky enough to find the love of your life. Many such stories where people, after a long chat, fall in love, create families and live happily ever after. And even television are not spared this phenomenon.Entertainment and music channels frequently launch such services as SMS-chat, when incoming SMS messages are broadcast Ticker at the bottom of the screen.