Due to the fact that the choice is great, a definite top best Dating sites to be difficult. So many sites, and they are certainly very similar. I think competition is the only real firms, shops and bakeries? No, it is the place to be on the Internet.

As Dating for creative people is especially popular on websites, the creators come up with interesting, enticing names and „filling“ of the site, because to stand out, the site needs to be unique and unusual rest. After all, the original online Dating guarantee website popularity and the highest attendance.

To make the top best Dating sites in this article we do not guarantee, but certainly will offer a list of the most unusual and extraordinary.


Proven fact that relationships between people who are very similar to each other, are formed most successfully. Of course, opposites attract. But if we meet a person who is well very similar to us, with style, looks and appearance, we definitely feel sympathy for him. The website „Find your reflection“ not only helps you find your „reflection“, but also to communicate with him or start a relationship. It also has face detection technology.Here you can find as just another „Find your reflection“ is seen as a Dating site for creative people) and a man for serious relationship.

Not born beautiful

Each person is unique in their own way, all have their own appearance. But someone not satisfied with it, and then he believes himself to be ugly (although in reality this may not be so). So, for people created the website „Beauty is not important“ users, who consider themselves to be unsympathetic and are looking for a mate here. It could be mistaken for a Dating site for creative people, because unsympathetic consider themselves to be people of different professions and ages. By the way, some of the users of this website have the marriage combined.

Beauty will save the world

Along with the website for unsympathetic is „Beautiful people“, where live people with good looks. But in order to become a member, you need to prove that you are worthy to take a place of honor on the website. You need to upload your photo and wait for the registered users you will assess and decide, beautiful or not. Access you will receive only when the incorruptible jury will vote for you positively. Here such here the interesting sites there are to communicate…

Genes finger…

Most people on the Internet still learn, want to establish a serious relationship. But who in photography will determine what kind of person predisposition and congenital diseases? Because genetics determines the beauty and health of future children. Online test, „Check yourself and your partner“ checks for genetic compatibility and helps to know in advance about all kinds of nuances in family planning.

Places far

Original Dating online is not only the sites for similar or beautiful people. „Behind bars“ – a vivid example. This is a Dating site with girls who are serving sentences in prison. Gives attractiveness and intriguing that users do not know for what crime the girl is detained. So this is truly an original experience on the Internet!

With my eyes closed

Usually we carefully prepare for the meeting by viewing pictures of the partner, noticed what style of clothes he prefers, and clothe themselves in something similar. Want new sensations? Please visit „eyes closed“, by which you will conduct „blind date“. No photos or video of each other! To see your interlocutor, you can only at a real meeting. Perhaps this is fun for creative people, as they are risky and mainly located to everything unusual.

Do good

„Cloud“ is already a include in top best Dating sites. It’s a fresh idea and a new word in philanthropy. Here and Dating for creative people and for those who just want to help. Person before meeting you still do not know, but the risk of a great time and make a friend. Other interesting sites for communication is definitely good. Here only difference is that „Cloud“ your meeting will bring more and favor!