In Chinese culture, meeting a girl's parents is always a sign of a serious relationship. Video Dating sites

This way, your parents can leave you alone for a while

She thought that again she would be embarrassed by the relationship and assume that the two of them were Dating, and take him to his parents, to the groom

This scenario is unlikely, if we believe that you talked to her, I don't date, and it's not romance, than to speak clear Chinese words in person that I meet, and we don't have a relationship, given that your hometown was small (under small I mean Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chongqing), you probably are under strong pressure to marry.

And if you don't want to be in a relationship right now, you can visit your own, you can calm your parents down by upsetting them. She invites you to her home to give you the impression that you are a good and decent person from abroad a young man with a great future. They can't actually go out, tell him that he is behaving like your friend who knows, maybe he misunderstands and actually feels like he has a relationship or be offended because he has been manipulated (but, with a little baggage, the attitude of young people to behave like their friends in front of their parents is actually a service that he can use in China. I'm not sure that girls really use guys for rent, but I'm sure that some girls who lie to your parents about your male friends, so that their parents will stop bothering you to marry them) would like to invite you to invite friends to their home when you know (or don't know) that you probably want to show off how a good friend made you go to the big city, you just want to show that you have fun with your family. It can be just a dinner of friends and family and nothing more. In our culture, taking, taking, making friends, meeting with parents is a very serious thing. It means that we want our parents to be able to accept you, my husband, my wife. So your girlfriend is serious and you love her. If you don't want to accept it.


Talk to her, tell her the truth and stop playing mehrdeutig!. Does she take you to her mom as a friend, or as her boyfriend? If this is the first one, then Yes, it must be serious.

But have you tried your own questions? This will give you a more direct answer than some strangers on video dates.

From your description, it's very clear that you two have just started a relationship, and it's too early for a Chinese girl to entertain the idea of getting married. In addition, things are changing at an exciting rate in China.

as a family, maybe your parents are great cooks

Dinner with your parents is no longer a milestone in a relationship as it used to be (maybe in some rural areas, but definitely not in rural areas cities, especially with a foreign boyfriend). What probably happened to the girls heads is completely covered by Feifer van, so I won't repeat it. However, if you take my advice, I must tell you more. It can be difficult to eat with people who don't speak your language. So you will see that the girl's parents smile almost every time you speak. In my experience, this could be the worst dinner of your life, so be prepared. I'm Chinese, so if you ask if you have dinner at home with both your parents, it means that you are considering marrying them. If this is just dinner with your mother, maybe this is just a mother wanting to see what kind of person she is and protect her daughter from pain. However, most Chinese girls take Dating very seriously. It's not easy to ask her questions. And as soon as you Wake up to go to dinner with them or watch a movie with them more than once, you will most likely see them as your boyfriend.

If your girlfriend invites you to meet her parents, then she wants your boyfriend to officially meet her parents, and also wants your parents to give you a positive recognition.

It is also a sign that he is the person you are ready to marry in the future. If you want to build a new relationship with her, I suggest you bring gifts for your parents. Well, if you're still having second thoughts about the relationship, I suggest you tell her it's not yet time to see your parents.

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