I'm Chinese in China. I want to marry a Japanese girl. How can I get to my destination? Video Dating

I'd like to know why you want to do this

if you if you don't have a specific person in mind, Then you are attracted to the concept or image that you see in a Japanese girlThe ignorance of the Japanese means that it's mostly in your head.

Real Japanese girls probably won't fit into what you've built into your mind.

Many of you will be very different from this, and it will put you in conflict if you ever go on a date with a Japanese girl. You may find that the fact that there are differences will cause you problems, even if they are not inherent problems. Be open to meeting someone who has their own unique qualities. What makes you laugh? What are you good at? What really makes you passionate? What makes you angry (and how angry)? Instead of trying to find someone, take a picture, try to figure out how your life can connect with that as a real person. One of my friends married a Japanese woman.

I suggest that you approach the novel with an open mind

I have to tell you, it's risky. He did Japanese pen pals when I was still in high school. They exchanged letters, and we, as friends, don't know the whole story. Finally, in his s, he suddenly told us that he had been hired to be Japanese. And he has a daughter now. Interestingly, my friend doesn't speak Japanese, and his Japanese wife doesn't speak Chinese, they speak to each other in English. And his family is not rich, but the typical middle class. However, it should be noted that he is a javelin athlete, tall and beautiful as the sun. Language learning. Once you have mastered the basics, go to a Japanese forum (make sure you have the skill) and post messages until people stop calling you uneducated. (Don't cheat by telling them you're not a native speaker.).

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