I want to ask a girl whether she wants to meet with me, because I see them really rarely, I want to look your writing, but how do I do that without a command have generic, but still very determined. I would be less value on the ‘intended’ and more brain-power in the niceness, kindness, invest. since we see so little of, I thought to myself, I’ll write you this small letter. I would really be terribly happy with You eating an ice cream. Of course, I invite You. I would be glad really huge, if you for saying Yes.

You Amateur. The effect is old-fashioned. It stands out from the gray dimensions. Also, I thought not anchatten, but actually a letter. With a choice selection of stationery, a select and beautiful stamp, Hand-written. Right, but it is effective. Ask them what they on holidays or on the weekend, so planning and if you are on a day-nothing makes you can ask you whether you want to do something with you) is difficult, because she has no desire with me to meet, so I need a bit of convincing to make. you’ll have to do Good where you think you want to do or be so lucky) No idea, maybe something in the direction of ‘Hey, I’ll go then and then to the cinema, do you want to come with me with you’ kind of stuff like that. A lot of luck) I’m already since a couple of weeks in a girl. Class in love (I am.). We write t possible and I see them very often in school. We hug for the recovery and, often, a small conversation will take place, but this is due to the time pressure, between the hours of not just long fails. Now that you told me of the types that want something from her but not from you, and I have to ask: Should I meet you. If Yes, how, I ask you, at the best, so I give it now price is what I feel. I don’t know how I have that effect on you. We have written up to now, relatively little, I eventually answered. Should I write now simply re-Hay, what’s up. and if you reply and we get into conversation, who I can’t write about then, with her, that she finds me boring. Hey, I had a few months ago, a lot of contact with a girl from my Year, we met twice, but now I have no more contact to her. How could I write you now on the best, or appeal to, to meet you, possibly again. Yes I like a girl but she writes to me only rarely. if I contact you then we will write the real positions and it’s funny. you then also questions and so on. but I kind of not want you to write what ever you think. Hi. A friend of mine said that girls have Sex with each other when they meet: that is correct. Hey guys, I wanted to meet with me in the next few weeks with the girls but don’t know exactly what we can do. We have not seen for about months, but I still like it very much, you can almost call it love. How do I tell her that I love her.

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It’s funny, I don’t know exactly whether she loves me or not. She writes to me, in any case, often something like. For Info: I’m a, Hey, a Boy wants to meet with me write to me that it would make him very happy if we would meet, write me on WhatsApp but very rarely. Thus, two weeks break and then he once again started after my message last read, and once I have it back written after he has read my message again recently. Now we write also scarce, however, t possible, but even so two of the Snape of the day, however, he, Snape, anyway, quite rare. What should I take with it now. He now wants to me so maybe a relationship or not. His Ex girlfriend was stalking me and then he became totally pissed at her and told her to leave me alone, etc. Meet me soon with a girl, but want to write until then, still with her. I don’t want to, of course, now all the topics anticipated for the Meeting. Someone’s Ideas. Heym I am years old and trust me girl. Always had problems in school, was bullied, etc. Have hardly any friends so it’s not just for girls. Anyone got tips on how I can be a little more open towards girls. Is somehow easier with people than to talk to perhaps someone in my age in my Close.) LG Justin Have now for several months, and the girl contact. We are both in the same club, but Different things. See us every weekend. But you rarely have the opportunity to talk in peace to the two of us. That’s why we want to meet us now in the holiday in the week. You don’t care what we were doing. Am now trying to think of what the Best is. I’m pretty confident to me and has written to a girl also. In the meantime, I got her number and everything top. Only you writes to me very rarely, i.e. once a day minutes or so, but now she has not written to me days. How do I make the restore faster. I think the girl is really good. Please quick answer: write to the heart and Sunday tool and I identified with her so half the times and we meet I would like to say this to a girl, which I think is nice but we still do not know us.

(Years old)

I’m Valletta’s shy and I promise to concern me. well, my question is how do I talk to a girl and how I must manage the conversation so I can get your number, especially what I can say in a conversation. and although I have in the morning with a boy on a date, well, whether it is a proper date, I don’t know, anyway, we meet in the morning. But the Problem is that he writes when he is online, only if I email him. he writes to me rarely, wants to meet with me tomorrow. what’s the meaning of this, that he writes so little. How can I ask a girl whether she wants night to come to me, and movies would look. With this girl I’ve been writing for a while and talking with her in the school. There’s a boy, I know he likes me but that’s all there by his side. I see him sometimes, but really rarely, and then only with friends. I love him really very much and would like to write with him and see him. But I don’t want to nerve. We write very rarely and if I email him now, how I make to work the best without as burdock. I would like to again contact with him, and I fear that he no longer writes to me: (I know that these nervous questions, you have me, but now I’m in a Situation like this, you have asked whether we want to make Changes in the future, and it has answered in the affirmative, but writes with me Hello, so I am years old and I have now met about the carnival it’s a super pretty girl (she is). we have written before carnival together, because I had written a letter just a week before. we have written to each other and us for the carnival in the evening, at a Party meeting. we have met there, danced and also kissed (several times). we also write still together, but I’ve sort of questions still afraid of you after the next meeting, because I think I otherwise to Intrusive look or so. I think for me what is really up to the girl and she looks anything but averse to me about How I should my parents say I have to Meet with a girl, I am years of have never said this, because I’m never really with girls, to me it’s kind of little bit uncomfortable. I hope you can help me a bit