Inaction is not the fastest path to relationships. These tips will help even the most shy girls to initiate Dating and to attract the attention of any guy. Even if you want the initiative belonged to the man, it can be unobtrusive to encourage it. Use the following tips to increase the likelihood of Dating. You can get to know under a variety of circumstances, and not just languidly sipping a cocktail at the bar. Try to start to understand what kind of partner you need, and, based on this, select the location.

Go to the exhibition or lecture.

Dreaming about athlete

Get accustomed to visiting your gym whom you often meet for a run. In General, note the places where you often visit. Most likely, there are men with whom you have common interests. It is not superfluous to think about the skills that you long wanted to learn. In language schools or courses of music is also quite suitable candidates. Another option is to look for places with large concentrations of men, where you will stand out. For example, to attend a sporting event, car show or just the instrument Department in the hypermarket. Without attention you are there are unlikely to remain. About the bars and cafes still should not be forgotten. But instead every time you visit a new place, try to choose one and go there regularly. In a familiar, comfortable environment easier to meet new people. And the tremendous exultation of the bartenders about your appearance will definitely draw all eyes in your direction. Don’t frighten away strangers of their laughing friends, and especially male friends. Practice single trips (or even trips), trips to cultural event or in a cafe. Just don’t try to replace a temporary lack of communication by listening to music on headphones or continually checking your smartphone. Let others understand that you are one and not waiting for the tardy boyfriend. If you want to meet, forget about the mask of coldness and indifference. It repels rather than attracts. To put all possible expressions is not worth it. In order to show their interest, usually just a glance and a slight smile. This does not mean that we have to get out of the closet all the short and shiny. Screaming sexuality rather speaks about the desperation of the girl and her bad taste than about the readiness for normal relations. Better to gamble on simple but stylish solutions in clothing (the main ideas can be gleaned from this article) and to pick the right makeup and hair (using this and this statei needless to say, that look good should be possible everywhere and always. Well-groomed and neat appearance as at least a sign of courtesy to themselves and others. Time full of the Patriarchate has already passed, a total of feminism has not yet arrived. However, the woman who take initiative in the relationship, I can hardly throw stones. In the following list is ideas for the first step, which can fulfill any girl. Openly to Express their interest is not necessary. To get acquainted using the different kinds above. For example, to approach the man in a coffee shop and say that you lost a bet with a friend and on the terms of the bet have to take the phone number. Or to say aloud a joke, then turn around and apologize, citing the fact that thought, as if talking with your friends. Of course, this method requires some acting skills. But the light adrenaline rush guaranteed. To attract the attention of men can be the most innocent way. Alternatively, ask them to explain the road to get something from the top shelf in the store or just hold the door. The main thing not to become female problem, which needs help all the strong men. Not everyone liking the role of the father-Savior. Men love attention not less, than women. Especially if this attention flatters their Outlook and intelligence. Take advantage of this little weakness, so to win a unfamiliar guy. For example, contact with a professional question to a pretty colleague, or ask you to explain the grammatical rule of a stranger with language courses. Everyone likes to be praised.

Men are no exception

While singing the praises of their appearance or masculinity is not necessarily. It is possible to speak in flattering terms about the speech of the stranger on the conference or event with an open MIC. Or go to the Park to the cute dog Walker and to compliment his four-legged friend. To get their own dog is also a good idea: animals have a tendency to easily bring together strangers. Tired of playing guessing games and wait for the sea weather. Just tell any man that he is you interesting. Another option is to approach a stranger in a café and ask whether it is possible to sit down at the table to him. Someone will say that a man wants to be a hunter and he doesn’t need»easy prey.»Someone that this behavior can frighten and repel. But the question is: do you want to be the prey and stay close with a man who does not accept the women’s initiative. The truth is that men, like women, are different and wish different. But men, like women, are often similar: they, too, are afraid to be rejected and the same dream that their life has a new interesting person. Well, if the desire of two lonely people the same, and doesn’t really matter who first made a step forward