To find a couple in the modern world is not so difficult. It is only necessary to use the opportunities. These»Love Tips»will help to attract the attention of a strange girl and increase your chances when meeting in real life and the Internet. Spontaneous introduction in everyday life more and more like archaic. Nevertheless, this is one of the most romantic situations, which then you can tell your grandchildren. He also has several other advantages. First, you always see the real person, not processed his photos years ago. Second, you can use a maximum of your charisma: unfortunately, virtual communication is still not transmitting all the nuances of the living. When meeting in real life, nonverbal cues can play in your favor. Remember about the open positions, steady (but not excessive) eye contact and a sincere smile. They will do half the work: you will have to an unknown person. Courteous stranger, who invites the girl to bring a huge suitcase or explain the way usually makes her sympathetic. Just don’t confuse courtesy with persistence. Usually»no»still means no, and being too aggressive just will not add you points. She takes the subway and reads Dostoevsky. Or it t-shirt with the image of Darth Vader. Here and ready subject for the first conversation. But here one should remember about the quantum. Comment on what makes a girl in your phone, even if it does not close the screen by hand, clearly not worth it. It borders on invasion of privacy. If you are at a concert or show, your tastes will likely coincide with the tastes of the charming stranger and the topic of conversation will be easier to find. But help can be the most ordinary of places: shops, cafes, gym. Even the housing office.

Use the environment as an excuse to start a conversation. Ask, for example, what product or dish to choose, noting that she looks like someone who you could trust. Discuss the nuances of training or life of the area. In General, use all the resources of everyday life to the maximum. A win-win, if the compliment is devoid of platitudes, but not refinement. Forget about clichés like the oceans eyes and the waterfalls of hair. But do not overdo it with the original: the information that the girl possesses the best thickness of the fingers or the perfect curvature of the teeth, while Dating is clearly excessive. From the chic blanks too best to refuse. Because the second (third, fourth, and so on) phrase will have to match the virtuosity of the first. Otherwise all the efforts will go down the drain. If you are not confident in their speaking skills, simply go and confess to that girl you liked, it seemed of interest to you. Sincerity worked better than any of the tackles. Acquaintance in real life is almost always a surprise. And all of a sudden and unknown borders on danger. So be extremely tactful, polite and never Stargates the private area of a girl. Otherwise your emotion will just scare her and force rapidly to escape. Even if the rest of you do it right. The advantage of social networking is obvious: they give a lot of information and in some sense easier first step. But there are some pitfalls. Try apply the following tips to get the attention of the beautiful stranger. The easiest way to strike up an acquaintance and to find a suitable party to choose according to interests. Groups, public pages, events in social networks to meet directly there, or to contact the girl privately. Approximate list of topics to come up will be easy. If you want to meet, demonstrate this verbally, and not tacitly to fill up the girl dozens of likes. In the latter case, you is likely to accept inadequate or immature person. Publish a record about a recent breakup with your ex. Post pictures of what all women are bitches.

Be rude in the comments

Then do not be surprised that your messages remain unanswered. If punctuality is the politeness of kings, the literacy courtesy of the Internet users. And yet it is the first evidence that you have developed intelligence. So try to avoid even basic errors. If in doubt, look for answers in the dictionaries or thematic resources. If you are not confident in their knowledge of the Russian language, try to begin to pass this test. The result is below average suggests that it’s time to brush up on the rules of the school. Instant transition to»you»to some it may seem rushed. But hard to write»you», and with a capital letter, and simultaneously flirt with the style of the XIX century not the best option. So you will take more for naphthalene eccentric than interesting and modern man. It would seem to meet through specialized sites or services easier, because they are girls, in search. But the potential of satellites, no less. To increase your chances, follow these guidelines. Want a serious relationship. Then do not post (or at least don’t make the main) a photo of your torso and other exposed body parts. Even if you have a mind-blowing cubes. Even if it’s a sin to hide such beauty. Also do not be lazy to fill out a detailed profile and pay special attention to the section which specifies the interests. Remember: the more specific your description is, the more chances of meeting the right person. So don’t limit yourself to generalities. Most Dating sites advertise to new users: they are placed on the first search pages or in special sections that everyone can see. As a result, beginners (especially girls) get a lot of messages. So yours may just get lost. Like the girl in the photo may remind you of a wild cat or a Princess, it is not necessary to inform her about it in the first post. To discover even on specialized sites a kind word and affection are inappropriate. Sites and Dating services create a greater sense of choice. And considering that the girls there are in principle receive more messages than men, the latter has to stand out. The brutal truth: another»hi, how are you»is not the answer, and the standard interrogation discourages all cravings continue conversation.

Be more specific

To strike up an acquaintance, use the information specified in the profile of a girl or choose an unusual topic of conversation. For example, offer to share crazy stories or tell about the most unusual dream. So you attract attention, avoided the tedious questioning and melt the ice. Some men, tired of scribbling hundreds of welcome messages, decide to come up with one: large, detailed and versatile. So, at least, they think. In fact, the text, devoid of individual treatment is visible immediately and is of even less interest. The advice is simple: decide what kind of woman you are looking for, take your time to select suitable candidates and contact them at least one, but a living phrase. If necessary, repeat the procedure. As the saying goes, search and communicate. Of course, some of the recommendations of the universal: in the Network need to remain considerate, in real life, should follow the literacy of speech. There two other trouble-free method, working in any conditions: a sparkling joke and ask the girl questions, thus demonstrating your interest