Many women ask for a serious relationship, a night of soul and body, as well as for the conception and education of children or for the training is already designed, how to find a man.

I made a fashionable hairstyle, wearing a skirt of short, perfumed expensive perfume, made a cool Make-up.

Such Measures way to fall

Undoubtedly, the wife is obliged to, look good, and it must come from a pleasant aroma, but that is not enough, because most of the women do the Same.

So to find, as you a man

Most of the men want to press, in order to approach a woman, especially if you wanted to. Not the right place, not Every person has a different set of moral prejudices, like anyone believes that to meet decent women on the street, and, of course, such an attempt doomed to Failure, or to think ill of him. You are probably employed, and when such a beauty is not occupied, then it is a thought unbearable character, I like that, but fumbled on various forums, social networks, Dating Sites, I concluded that he was wrong. Also, my wife just got a new Job, in the the national women’s team, of which only she lives with a man (me) and one married, the other in the search.

And most of you pretty attractive women

Such reasons can be found a lot, but mostly it is fear, Yes, we tend to be afraid of men, too. And if you are, almost all to look for the reasons, it is only a pretext for himself, and begins the search for such reasons is a fear, fear of rejection, like an Idiot, etc, In General, people are afraid to approach women, and those with no anxiety, no shortage of female attention and bind this man to her, it will be difficult or even impossible. A woman should initially submit any favours modest man, for example, eyes, a Smile lingering look at you. This is, the chances that he would dare to increase approach. A better beginning of the discussion, some simple question, you can look at the time or how to ask on the street of Karl Liebknecht, and while he will be responsible, in the Eyes and smile (not wrong). Then just continue the conversation, you can even meet. Like the guy is immediately obvious to you is interested in it or not, begins to hesitate, smiling, seems to be light in the eyes, interested. That should be enough, so he began to act in an emergency, you can, how you happened to meet him on the way to another day. But do not overdo it, because you have it you have won. And then, so you ran after him, it is not necessary to anybody. If a man will understand that you are specifically looking for a Meeting with him, then he will clearly win not, in fact, maybe even a goal. In other words, you will need to get his attention, and little to allay the fear, and then you can all take a friend to the benefits slide, in the interest of a beautiful lady. Yes, anywhere, on the street, in shops, in public Transport, in a Café, in a Club. I am aware that it is only better to know, than Live Online. Clever men do not hold on to much on the net. Easy not on the morning of this Breakfast can last for an indefinite period of time, and certainly it is