American car guru Henry Ford once said „Failure is only the opportunity to begin to act more wisely“. Although these wise words were applicable for 60 years after his death, they have not much in common with social networks. Let us recognize that Mr. Ford knew absolutely nothing about the Internet.

When you create a social network with intentions to become a dominant figure on the Internet, it is better to follow the philosophy of Steve jobs: „bad artists borrow, great artists steal!“ Exactly Steve!

Considering all this, we can say that you are ready to start your journey of conquest niche social networks, guided by the experience of previous conquerors. I would like to wish you good luck, but it is unlikely that you will need. If you follow the following 9 aspects, success is inevitable.

9 Steps to building your social network:

Phase 1: Develop the concept

the first step in creating a social network

The first step towards creating the best social network is to develop ideas. However, before you start to achieve this goal, you need to prepare. How? Stay in school (College, high school, elementary school, does not matter), as it will only hinder you. First of all, briefly familiarize yourself with the functions offered by Facebook, and then study several successful networks like „Experience near“ and build on them. This will achieve your first step. What? Here we aren’t creating anything new, remember this? Further, to the second stage…

Step 2: Think of a name

the second step in the creation of a network

Here you can go two ways. You can combine two incompatible words (e.g., Facebook). But do not forget that a website name should clearly describe its purpose. In fact, at this stage you can restrict only your inquisitive mind. If you have no ideas, try to pick up objects in your room, and put them in the title. If this method is not for you, you can come up with a completely meaningless word that sounds important. Got that? Great.

Step 3: Obtain venture capital

Step 3 when you create a social network

So let’s talk about Finance. Develop a social network that has created a strong resonance in the society will cost a lot of money, and besides, there is very high probability of „burn“. Don’t worry, that is why companies specializing in venture capital, which can give you money! Look for similar companies and make an appointment with those to whom you will form a soul.

You now only need to consider the business model. It’s pretty simple. Why is it necessary? Overall, because investors often work on the old model, and a rare man among them familiar with the vagaries of the Internet. You need to paint statistics, print chart and info graphics, as well as to learn the vocabulary. You may want to use more often terms like „web 2.0“ or „social sites“. This will help you to assure them that you know what you’re talking about. Once your presentation is finished, you can shake hands with the investors and take their money.

Step 4: Hire workers

Once you get financing, the first thing you need to do is to start the workers. Now you big shot, you can’t spend time on direct work process. So, who do you hire? Here comes the best part – of course, your friends. The good girl from the University? Coordinator of the marketing Department. The guy who plays between classes of tanks game on your computer? Programmer. In General, you get the idea. Become a cool head, and don’t forget good pay for their work. Remember, they are the core of your system.Try to make them happy – do not let very tight deadlines, and always pay on time.

Stage 5: Development of the site

5 step in creating a social network

It’s time to involve your programmer. Unfortunately, there are cases where overall a great and funny guy with whom you are friends, not a damn sense in programming. Believe it or not, but for every your problem is quite a simple solution. The basis of your social network is to take the ideas of others, and to remake them in his own way. Remember that great artists steal. It’s time to apply this philosophical idea into practice. Interpret code on your favorite social networks, add your own logo and you’re done!If you are one of those who are lazy can not measure, you can just use the clone template Facebook.

Step 6: Launch website

step 6 when you create a social network

After successfully cloning your favorite social network, or after developing their own unique code, the time of website launch. Get a web hosting register a domain name and start downloading files. Whole process takes an hour or two.

Thus, your website can serve several million page views, and since this is a social network – it is necessary to think almost in the first place.

Step 7: Sit back and wait for profit

Step 7 in create a social network

As soon as your social network will be launched and millions of new users will begin to arrive from day to day, it’s time to make. How? Load it with advertising. People are rarely against the management of the privacy or advertising. Do you think Zuckerberg made billions?

Unlike Zuckerberg, nevertheless, you will need to use all types of advertising: pop-UPS, banners, contextual advertising and so on. This will help you to ensure that the site reveals its full potential. It will also improve interaction with your website, as it will allow users to discover something new: tests, and free samples of products for weight loss. As soon as the start of an advertising system, you can sit back and observe how your users are satisfied with your resources, and the money falling in your wallet.

Step 8: Sell your website

Step 8 create a social network it’s time to sell

Once you have a sufficient number of visitors and advertisers from around the world, you will most probably face the problem of declining profits. At this stage it is important not to panic – after all, this is the moment you’ve been waiting for. Really? Yes, it is true. It’s time to sell your website of the company that would keep him alive.

It will be quite a difficult decision, but in your case it would be much better to sell the site of a company that has already established itself in this case. Moreover, it is necessary to mark in an amount not less than $ 500 million.

Step 9: retire

Once you get your check 9 digits, the time will come to rest. The last six months have been very difficult for you, and now you would get the rest of these cases and work… about life! Find your own Paradise in tropical countries. Bahamas, male, Thailand in the end.

Select a place for himself, buy a house by the ocean, and equip their homes with the latest technology. Of course, don’t forget to buy a yacht and several cars. At this stage of your life you will have other problems – what brand of car to choose?