Over these same parts and are scratching your heads ladies. According to the survey, the majority believes that fate is easier to find friends («party where everybody knows each other, it is more difficult to come across maniac»), at work («here I am more often and for the longest time»), the Internet («chance, of course, small, but it’s easier to remain incognito – it’s not as scary as you approach the man at the bar») and in places of a mass congestion of strangers («for example, I became a member of the yacht club – a minimum of competition and a lot of guys in wet t-shirts»). But what about bars, shops and the Sunday lectures at the Polytechnic, you ask.And in General: how? with whom? when? Elvira, psychologist, master NLP and author of the training «the Practice of Dating in the big city» will dispel all your doubts.

Maybe wait until he is fit?

Remember: how many times in your life have you refused to give the man a phone and just call the name? Now put yourself in the shoes of the average person that you would like to have a relationship. When I drove him to get acquainted in transport, like you, denied at every turn. By the age of 23 (a species smarter than before) he realized that to come to counter all silly, and since then, patiently waiting the woman herself would give him to understand that he wants to meet you. Therefore, your task is to create a situation in which the man will understand that you don’t mind Dating.And where it happens – it doesn’t matter: to meet love can be in the supermarket, the stadium, and even elegant Bay downstairs neighbors.

To come most inappropriate. Don’t want to intrude.

Of course, well, when a woman knows how to be embarrassed, but very bad when she says she will never meet the first. A rolling stone can’t get even the most resistant male. If you think you don’t know how to meet the opposite sex, take and learn. Of course, to overcome their complexes and my mother’s installation of a series of «decent girls do not» have to work on them. To assess motivation to perform fears, to reconsider, in the end, imposed by society and family commandments.That would be really easy – you may even have to go to a psychologist or psychoanalyst. But for women with resolved internal problems procedure experience – simple children’s puzzle.

Go lose weight first, and then – just to get acquainted.

We all have our beliefs, what we should be, and they provide our internal conflicts. «To get married, I need to be beautiful and economic. And I’m not very beautiful and love to be lazy. So, I’m not married», – thinks the girl, and, of course, does not risk to meet anybody. And who said that these settings are correct? Maybe the neighbor’s cottage, which you liked, happy to lie beside him on the sofa and order a meal for two at the restaurant? In short, deal with your inner barriers – and the men will catch up.