Psychologist and CEO of one of the largest Dating sites said on why we should model the way of the future chosen as self reduces the popularity of the questionnaire, why men shouldn’t be secretive and passive.

Online Dating has earned its popularity thanks to the development of mobile Internet, which has made this format of communication most convenient.

„Now the Internet is how people of almost all ages. There is no upper limit and the lower begins at about 23 – 24 years, the end of the students and narrows the circle of communication“, – said CEO of the online Dating site Andrew.

To find a partner on the Internet can be almost anyone. Now my happiness are looking to network people of different professions, religions and with different income levels.

How to show

A carefully designed questionnaire is the key to successful Dating. You can be a charming conversationalist, but nobody will ever know if your profile on a Dating site feature failed.

Choose pictures where you are smiling. „All pictures should be visible in a positive way, then the profile will look more attractive,“ said Andrew. And the seriousness can be reserved for personal communication.

„The urban report“: How to find your soulmate

The main thing that the suit sat. If the goal of online Dating is long term relationship, and photos should be appropriate. As the main photo will fit good and believable portrait. It should complement the pictures wearing decent clothes.

No need to put pictures in untidy or half-naked. This rule applies to both men and women.

The swimsuit or swimming trunks may be present in the album, if it’s done on the beach and a girl in a bikini on the background of the wall hanging does not look very tempting.

Psychologist Lily Afanas’eva: „Many men come to Dating sites not search for mates and not even to hook up with someone for one night, but for the sake of self-affirmation. They want to gratify your ego, to prove to myself that interesting a large number of women.

They can give photos. Such men look stressed well groomed and often try to show their body. For example, he can open his shirt to show his muscular chest.“

Selfie is a receipt in his own loneliness. Abroad conducted research in which course it was found that when a person takes pictures of himself, in the person of others he looks too lonely, in need of acquaintance and communication. And it reduces the attractiveness of his profile. „Previously, this dependence is manifested brighter now selfie has become a cultural phenomenon, it began to lighten up. However for the questionnaire we recommend that you to take those photos where you shoot your friends,“ suggested Andrew.

Psychologist Lily Afanas’eva: „staring at pictures of possible friends, try to make a first impression – it contains a hint from your intuition. Look at the picture of the man for a few seconds, close your eyes and try to find him some kind of nickname, for example „Princess“ or „moneybags“.

Often, the first impression can already tell the outcome of the communication.“

Not so important that she currently writes. A good album is the main weapon for girls in search of life. Of course, interests and achievements are also important, but it is beautiful imagery encourages men to gather information about the stranger.

„The beginning of the day about Trust“: the pros and cons of Dating on the Internet

Its form should be thoroughly filled. Brutal reticence is not impressed in the network. On the contrary, women pay more attention to candidates who filled out your profile in detail. „The more information in the questionnaire, the more men the chance to meet you, – said General Director of the Dating site. – It is desirable that among the facts about the candidate proved to be the diploma about the second higher education, information about the stability of income and so forth.“

Include in the questionnaire those propensities and passions that do not plan to change in the name of love. Pets, religion, vegetarianism or passion with sports – if you care about any of this, it is better to warn of potential partners in advance, telling about it in your profile. This may narrow down the circle of potential acquaintances, but most likely the sides you will lose will be those with whom you in life along the way.

Try to stand out, but be normal. The original hobby, adventure, unusual areas of interest – all of this encouraged, but to bend with the exotic is not necessary. „If you have a home, for example, is an extraordinary collection of coconuts, it is better to tell already on a date, and most likely not on the ground“, – said Andrey.

„Night“: How to meet a girl

Engage in industrial espionage. Select the desired user on the website, see what he’s written others. This will allow you to stand out among his virtual friends and make an impression.

„For example, to catch a man by an unexpectedly low rating. All give him „five“ and „four“, and you’ll slap a „unit“ – almost certainly his interest, why did you do it. That’s already a reason to talk,“ said psychologist Lily Afanasyev.

About visit Dating site like to go to a fitness club. This means that you can work with the portal have regularly, persistently and without complexes. „It is a mistake to simply post the form and wait when it will come to the responses. You should immediately start looking for people to write on their own and anyone who seems interesting“, – said the Director of the Dating site.

This tactic should apply to both men and women. And do not be afraid to start a conversation, after all, who post profiles on a Dating site, expect that they will write.

In the world of Internet Dating is not forbidden to communicate in parallel with several candidates. As long as you don’t promise him anything, you can even meet personally with several partners.

Psychologist Lily Afanas’eva: „Before proceeding to the stage of active communication, shape the image of your future partner. It is highly likely that you will get to know it with someone you imagine. That’s why people who have not parted with a negative experience in a relationship, unlucky in meeting new people.

To simulate your ideal, write down no more than 12 criteria that it must meet. If requests will be larger, it is a good chance not to find someone that combines all the ideal quality.

We list some of the popular criteria that might be important:

Appearance. Let us approximate the parameters (growth from…, weight…).

Earnings. Given that a separate budget is gaining popularity in modern relationships, this item is important for both men and women.

Religion. You can talk about it in your profile, but it is better to decide what beliefs should be your partner.

The desire to have children. This is a very important issue that can destroy or cement relationships.

The need for sex. Be sure to think about how temperamental partner you are looking for.

Age. Women should not be afraid of their experience and look for men a few years younger than himself, for many they can be the best partners and husbands.

Strength of character. Strong woman looking for a gentle man and Vice versa.

Your own fixation. Here can be anything from the amount of hair on the body to behavior at the table, if you do it is critical.

In our list of eight criteria. Try to finish the rest alone or build your list.

As for others to see

Online Dating risks. You don’t know who actually responds to you on the Internet. To test the honesty of his companion is possible only at personal meeting. Therefore, when communicating with strangers, and strangers must observe certain safety precautions.